Super Auto Pets

Hats Super Auto Pets: Cost, image

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Hats in Super Auto Pets. There are two types of hats are: Normal Hats and Special Hats.

Hats Super Auto Pets List

Name (Normal Hats
CostName (Special Hats)How to Obtain
Top Hat100 PointsAbandon HatLeaving 5 Arena games prematurely.
Fedora Hat100 PointsCrown HatUnknown
Flower Hat100 PointsEarly Adopter HatPurchasable for $3.00 USD in the Hat store.
Pamela Hat100 PointsEgg Shell HatExclusive Hat given to internet personality Northernlion for playing the game and making content for it early on.
Cowboy Hat100 PointsJoker HatExclusive Hat which is obtained by winning the loser bracket of internet personality Ludwig’s tournament. Currently only owned by yetiapocalypse.
Winter Hat100 PointsMega Ribbon HatUnknown
Baseball Hat100 PointsRibbon HatUnknown
Elf Hat100 PointsTrophy HatExclusive Hat which is obtained by winning developer-sponsored or content creator-sponsored tournaments. The three people that currently have this hat are Sykkuno, Fengar99, and cleanup141.
Beret Hat100 Points
Captain Hat200 Points
Fez Hat200 Points
Kepi Hat200 Points
Nurse Hat200 Points
Bear Hat200 Points
Old Top Hat200 Points
Party Hat200 Points
Pilgrim Hat200 Points
Uncle Sam Hat200 Points
Santa Hat200 Points
Pirate Hat200 Points
Inventor Hat1000 Points
Poop Hat2000 Points
Golden Poop Hat5000 Points

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