Eternal Return

Eternal Return Sua Build (Hammer): Items, Skill

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Sua Build in Eternal Return: Black Survival.

Best Sua build guides for Eternal Return: Black Survival. I works hard to keep my’s Eternal Return builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Sua build for the meta. Learn more about Sua’s Items, Skills & Skill Orders.

Items Build

Items build list: Weapon > Chest > Head > Arm > Leg > Trinket.

Best Builds

For Beginners


Solo Hammer Sua Augments


Q – Odyssey

Sua manifests two books in a targeted direction that collide at the center, dealing damage to enemies in range and leaving a bookmark on the enemy.
Creating a new bookmark triggers the old one, dealing damage.
Enemies hit in the center are stunned for a bit.

W –The Curious Case

Ally cast: Sua shields her target and makes them immune to crowd control effects.

Enemy cast: Sua’s bird attacks a targeted enemy, dealing damage and blinding them.

E – Don Quixote

Sua manifests a lance and flies forward, dealing damage to enemies hit and slowing them for a moment.
Enemies that have a bookmark take damage and are knocked airborne.
Hitting enemies reduces the cooldown of Don Quixote.
Sua is immune to crowd control effects while her weapon is transformed.

R –Memory

Sua remembers the last skill she used, and can use it again.

Odyssey: Enemies hit by the book collision take damage and a bookmark is attached to enemies hit.
Making a new bookmark triggers the old one and deals damage.
Enemies in the site of the book collision are stunned for a bit.
Curious Case: Ally cast: Sua shields her target and makes them immune to crowd control effects.
Enemy cast: deals damage and blinds her enemy for a bit.
Don Quixote: Enemies hit take damage and are slowed for a few seconds.
Enemies that have a bookmark take more damage and are knocked airborne.
Sua is immune to crowd control effects while her weapon is transformed.

T –Bookworm

After Sua uses a skill, her next basic attack deals extra damage and also damages targets in a range around the attack.
She recovers a portion of damage dealt as HP.
Having a stack of Bookworm increases her attack speed.
Hitting an enemy reduces her basic skill cooldowns.
If multiple enemies are hit, cooldown reduction is still applied only once.

Skill Orders

T > Q > E > W

LevelSkill Orders


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