Eternal Return

Eternal Return Sissela Build (Shuriken): Items, Skill

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Sissela Build in Eternal Return: Black Survival.

Best Sissela build guides for Eternal Return: Black Survival. I works hard to keep my’s Eternal Return builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Sissela build for the meta. Learn more about Sissela’s Items, Skills & Skill Orders.

Items Build

Items build list: Weapon > Chest > Head > Arm > Leg > Trinket.

Best Builds

For Beginners


Solo Shuriken Sissela Augments


Q – Go Get ‘Em Wilson!

Wilson flies in the targeted direction, dealing damage to enemies in his path and damage upon arrival. Wilson also grants vision in an area around him.

W –Girl in a Bubble

Wilson embraces Sissela, blocking all damage and making her invulnerable.
Wilson then explodes after some time, dealing damage to enemies in an area around her and pushing them back.

E – Play With Us!

Wilson streches his body in the targeted direction, pulling the first target hit.
Ally pull: the target receives a shield and the cooldown of Play With Us! is reduced.
Enemy pull: Wilson deals damage and stuns the target.
Moving Wilson while grabbing an enemy will drag the enemy with him.

R –Free at Last

Sissela channels and deals damage to players nearby and in the same area, including herself.
She deals additional damage based on her missing HP.
Sissela’s HP will not drop below 100 when taking damage from this skill.
Dealing damage with this skill momentarily increases the damage dealt from Agony.

T –Agony

As Sissela’s HP decreases, she gains HP regeneration and extra skill amplification.
When Wilson returns to Sissela, her next basic attack deals additional damage and reduces the movement speed of enemies.

Skill Orders

Q > T > E > W

LevelSkill Orders


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