Eternal Return

Eternal Return Priya Build (Guitar): Items, Skill

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Priya Build in Eternal Return: Black Survival.

Best Priya build guides for Eternal Return: Black Survival. I works hard to keep my’s Eternal Return builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Priya build for the meta. Learn more about Priya’s Items, Skills & Skill Orders.

Items Build

Items build list: Weapon > Chest > Head > Arm > Leg > Trinket.

Best Builds

For Beginners


Solo Guitar Priya Augments


Q – Blossoming Melody

Priya plays a short tune to grow a Flower of Saraswati in the targeted location and deals damage to enemies in range. Flowers cannot be grown on top of existing Flowers. The charge time of Blossoming Melody is reduced whenever a fully bloomed Flower is procced.

Full Bloom : Target a fully bloomed Flower of Saraswati to make it explode into petals, dealing damage and knocking back enemies in range.

W – Portamento

Passive : Priya’s movement speed is increased after stepping on a Flower of Saraswati.

Priya sends out a screeching sound wave in the targeted direction, dealing damage to enemies hit and slowing them. After casting Portamento, Priya’s next basic attack grows a Flower of Saraswati under the target.

Full Bloom : Target a fully bloomed Flower of Saraswati to shield Priya and her allies in range, absorbing damage.
The shield scales off of Priya’s Skill Amplification.

E – Harmony of Parvati

Priya sends out 3 surrounding soundwaves, each dealing damage to enemies within range. Enemies hit twice are grounded, and enemies hit three times are rooted.

All skills excluding Echoes of the Earth can be cast while performing Harmony of Parvati.

R – Echoes of the Earth

Priya plays an earth-shaking serenade, becoming unstoppable but unable to cast other skills or perform basic attacks. Her taken damage is decreased. She then sends out a melodic echo, dealing damage to enemies. The echo causes roots to grow in three parts starting from the outside, dealing damage and causing enemies in range to dance.

Flowers of Saraswati in range will bear fruit, which instantly heals Priya or her allies when picked up.

T –Nature’s Call

Priya starts with an undetachable flower crown which can be enhanced by leveling up Nature’s Call.

Priya can grow a Flower of Saraswati by casting Blossoming Melody or Portamento which fully blooms later on. A fully bloomed Flower of Saraswati can be activated by casting Blossoming Melody or Portamento on it.

A Flower of Saraswati instantly blooms when placed in a bush. The Flower disappears when Priya moves out of range or disengages from combat.

Skill Orders

T > Q > W > E

LevelSkill Orders


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