Eternal Return

Eternal Return Piolo Build (Nunchaku): Items, Skill

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Piolo Build in Eternal Return: Black Survival.

Best Piolo build guides for Eternal Return: Black Survival. I works hard to keep my’s Eternal Return builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Piolo build for the meta. Learn more about Piolo’s Items, Skills & Skill Orders.

Items Build

Items build list: Weapon > Chest > Head > Arm > Leg > Trinket.

Best Builds

For Beginners


Solo Nunchaku Piolo Augments


Q – Helicopter Spin / Chokeslam

Helicopter Spin: Piolo spins his nunchaku in the targeted direction, dealing continuous skill damage to enemies in range and enhanced damage every certain amount of time. If Helicopter Spin was cast with full duration or if it dealt enhanced damage for a fixed number of times, Piolo is able to cast Chokeslam.

Chokeslam: Piolo slams in the targeted direction, dealing skill damage depending on whether they are within the inner or outer indictator. Enemies that take damage by the outer indicator are also slowed down.

W – Figure Eight / Hammer Throw

Figure Eight: Piolo wildly spins his nunchakus around himself , deflecting projectiles and becoming Unstoppable. When the spin ends, Piolo gains an HP shield based on the number of projectiles deflected and damage taken. After using the skill fully, he is able to activate Hammer Throw.

Hammer Throw: Piolo performs an upwards spin, dealing skill damage and gaining a stack of Focus. While casting Hammer Throw, Piolo’s movement speed is increased.

E – Stalled Throw / Skyward Pummel

Stalled Throw: Piolo channels in preparation to throw his nunchakus. The range of the skill increases with channel time. When recast, Piolo throws his nunchakus in the targeted direction, dealing skill damage to enemies hit and charging into them. Enemies reached take additional skill damage and are knocked back. Channeling for a fixed amount of time grants a stack of Stalled Throw. Piolo is only able to activate Skyward Pummel after successfully hitting an enemy with Stalled Throw.

Skyward Pummel: Piolo swings his nunchaku in the targeted direction, dealing skill damage and knocking enemies airborne.

R – The Punisher

Passive: Upon casting [The Punisher], Piolo’s next Basic Attack on an enemy test subject reduces all of his skills’ cooldowns (excluding his weapon skill).
Piolo punishes the enemy, dealing skill damage as he passes through them.

Whenever Piolo activates Chokeslam, Hammer Throw, or Skyward Pummel, he gains a stack of Focus. The Punisher can only be cast when Piolo has stacks of Focus. Focus stacks expire when Piolo has not been in combat for a few seconds.

T – Unmatched Discipline

Passive: Piolo is unaffected by Cooldown Reduction. Any amount of Cooldown Reduction on Piolo is instead converted into Attack Speed.
Whenever Piolo rests for 3 or more seconds, Piolo goes into the [Training] state and gains a stack of [Well-Trained].

If Piolo casts [The Punisher] while [Well-Trained], his next Basic Attack will critically strike.

Skill Orders

Q > E > W > T

LevelSkill Orders


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