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Epic Seven Mort Build 2023: Skill, Equipment and Artifacts

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Mort Build in Epic Seven.

Best Mort build guides for Epic Seven 2023. I works hard to keep my’s Epic Seven builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Mort build for the meta. Learn more about Mort’s Skill, Equipment and Artifact

Earth | Gemini | Knight

Mort Ratings

Boss Hunt7.9
Guild Wars7.9

Mort Pros and Cons

Injuries decrease Max HP of enemies.
Cannot be stunned or put to sleep.
Counter gear/Elbris can also proc his passive.
Innate counterattacking chance now.
Ignores Effect Resistance on Skill 1 when enraged.
Battles can be much longer in PvP.
Somewhat low activation chance on passive.
His injuries aren’t the best and takes a while to ramp up.

Mort Build

Stat Priorities: Speed, Hp%, Def%, Crit Rate%, Crit Damage%.

Equipment (Gears)

Gears build for Mort.


Exclusive Equipment

Frigid SpiritStat Improvement: Hp% (7%-14%
ExterminationIncreases chance to decrease Defense by 10% when using Extermination.
Absolute DignityExtends the duration of the increased Critical Hit Resistance buff granted by Sacred Blessing by 1 turn.
Advent: MortelixDamage dealt is increased by 10% when using Advent: Mortelix.

Team Build

Skill Enhancement

Order skill enhancement: S1 -> S2 -> S3.

Skill List:

Pierces the enemy, with a 40% chance to decrease Defense for 2 turns. Ignores Effect Resistance when caster is enraged. Damage increases proportional to the caster’s max Health.
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Absolute Dignity
Immune to stun and sleep. Has a 30% chance to counterattack when attacked. If the caster inflicts a critical hit when using a basic attack, has a 40% chance to activate Sacred Blessing. Can be activated once every 2 turns. Sacred Blessing: Increases Critical Hit Resistance of all allies for 1 turn and increases Speed of the caster for 2 turns.
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Advent: MortelixActive
Descends and attacks all enemies, inflicting injuries. The caster becomes enraged for 2 turns and recovers Health. Damage dealt and amount recovered increase proportional to the caster’s max Health. The severity of injuries increases proportional to the damage dealt. Injuries decrease the max Health of the target by up to 20% every time this skill is used.
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CounterattackYou really can’t go wrong with Elbris on him, because his S1 is very good, and will ignore Effect Resistance when he’s enraged. Passive activates on counterattacks. Best choice for him!
Critical Hit DamageNot only does the increased Crit Chance mean you can lower the requirements to activate his passive, but if he activates his passive he’ll also increase his Critical Damage. Elbris is the best choice, though


Total Materials:

  • Life Rune x45
  • Greater Life Rune x22
  • Epic Life Rune x18
  • Small Sun Badge x15
  • Fused Nerve x10

Memory Imprint


Imprint ReleaseImprint Concentration
Attack 4.3%
Critical Hit Chance +5.60%
AAttack 6.4%Critical Hit Chance +8.40%
SAttack 8.6%Critical Hit Chance +11.20%
SSAttack 10.7%Critical Hit Chance +14%
SSSAttack 12.9%Critical Hit Chance +16.8%


AdviceBeliefBizarre StoryComfortingComplain
CriticismCute CheerDreamFood StoryGossip
Happy MemoryHeroic CheerHeroic TaleHorrorInteresting Story
Joyful MemoriesMythOccultReality CheckSad Memory
Self IndulgentUnique Comment

Mort Gameplay

He does his job better of being a counterattacking bruiser-type unit. He’s gotten better at his role; although Mort is still not top-tier yet, he does have a spot in PvP.

He doesn’t have any PvE use still, though. All in all, Mort isn’t a game-breaking or meta-defining unit, but for now he does have some use.

Mort Introduce

An ancient Dragon who always carries an air of gentility and relaxation that belies his capricious and egotistical nature. Tired of his dull life, he wants nothing more than to find an adversary worthy of calling a rival. Likewise, he tends to grow obsessed anytime he encounters someone he finds interesting.

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