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Epic Seven Lionheart Cermia Build 2023: Skill, Equipment and Artifacts

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Lionheart Cermia Build in Epic Seven.

Best Lionheart Cermia build guides for Epic Seven 2023. I works hard to keep my’s Epic Seven builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Lionheart Cermia build for the meta. Learn more about Lionheart Cermia’s Skill, Equipment and Artifact

Light | Pisces | Warrior

Lionheart Cermia Ratings

Boss Hunt6.8
Guild Wars7.1

Lionheart Cermia Pros and Cons

AoE burst damage with 50% defense penetration.
Can be built as a bruiser or pure damage AoE attacker.
An unusual unit that deals damage based off her.
Defense, giving a use to those weird damage gear with high DEF.
Has a full self-cleanse for herself on her passive.
Works great against units who attack off their turn (e.g. Violet, Belian, powered-up Mercedes).
Skill 2 passive needs 3 turns to recover.
Kind of squishy, even with her high DEF.
Can’t really be used by newer players.
Without any real counterattacking/extra attacking units, she can’t use her full potential.

Lionheart Cermia Build

Stat Priorities: Def%, Crit Rate%, Crit Damage%, Speed.

Equipment (Gears)

Gears build for Lionheart Cermia.


Team Build

Skill Enhancement

Order skill enhancement: S2 -> S3 -> S1.

Skill List:

Can You Handle The Heat?Active
Attacks the enemy with a sword and increases Speed of the caster for 1 turn. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster’s Defense.
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It’s Far From Over!
Gains 40 Fighting Spirit at the start of the first battle. After an ally suffers an extra attack, counter attack, or Dual Attack, dispels all debuffs inflicted on the caster activates Shine!. The effect after being attacked can only be activated once every 3 turns. Shine!: Emits light, increasing Defense and Effect Resistance of the caster for 2 turns, and gains 50 Fighting Spirit.
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I Am The Victor!Active
Attacks all enemies with a swordstorm, before granting an extra turn to the caster. Penetrates the target’s Defense by 50%. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster’s Defense.
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Crit Damage[LIMITED ARTIFACT] This one’s a good choice for ML Cermia, thanks to giving her more Crit Damage and reducing the amount of damage she takes.
Extra Damage + HealingSigurd Scythe can end up coming in clutch whenever she’s on low damage. Not only does it increase the damage she deals, but it’ll also heal her for a good chunk of that damage.
Debuff Removal[Acquired in Hall of Trials] Crimson Seed actually meshes pretty well with her. If she gets hit, she’ll have a pretty good chance of cleansing a debuff off herself. It can be used when her passive’s on cooldown.
Less Damage Taken[Acquired in Guild Shop] Proof of Valor isn’t exactly a must-have for Lionheart Cermia. However, it does improve her survivability quite a bit.


Total Materials:

  • Light Rune x45
  • Greater Light Rune x22
  • Epic Light Rune x18
  • Blood Flaked Bone x15
  • Ancient Creature Nucleus x10

Memory Imprint


Imprint ReleaseImprint Concentration
BHealth 4.3%Critical Hit Chance +5.60%
AHealth 6.5%Critical Hit Chance +8.40%
SHealth 8.6%Critical Hit Chance +11.20%
SSHealth 10.7%Critical Hit Chance +14%
SSSHealth 12.9%Critical Hit Chance +16.8%


AdviceBeliefBizarre StoryComfortingComplain
CriticismCute CheerDreamFood StoryGossip
Happy MemoryHeroic CheerHeroic TaleHorrorInteresting Story
Joyful MemoriesMythOccultReality CheckSad Memory
Self IndulgentUnique Comment

Lionheart Cermia Gameplay

Lionheart Cermia is pretty much the AoE version of Fire Cermia, except that she cannot use her Skill 3 right away.

Her main strength lies in PvP, where she shines when enemy has dual attacks or counter attacks. As an ally gets hit, she will cleanse herself and gain fighting spirit.

Lionheart Cermia Introduce

A conqueror who has been nicknamed the Golden Lioness. However, the secret truth behind her conquest of the continent is that she gambled away the nation’s funds and ended up conquering the entire continent after a series of conquests in an attempt to replenish the national treasury. Later, she hears of the legend of the Dark Witch and embarks on a journey with curiosity and the desire for conquest.

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