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Epic Seven Helen Build 2023: Skill, Equipment and Artifacts

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Helen Build in Epic Seven.

Best Helen build guides for Epic Seven 2023. I works hard to keep my’s Epic Seven builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Helen build for the meta. Learn more about Helen’s Skill, Equipment and Artifact

Ice | Cancer | Knight

Helen Ratings

Boss Hunt6.7
Guild Wars6.5

Helen Pros and Cons

Scales off of Defense.
Skill 3 cooldown decreases by 2 turns whenever she’s hit with an AoE attack.
Increases CR of a random ally with her skill 1.
Has a little bit of self-sustain in her skill 2.
Skill 2’s barrier defense scaling isn’t that great.
Slow speed.
With no AoE attacks on the enemy team, her skill 3 is pretty long.
Skill 3 cooldown reduction relies on being hit with an AoE attack.

Helen Build

Stat Priorities: Speed, Def%, Hp%, Crit Rate%, Crit Damage%.

Equipment (Gears)

Gears build for Helen.


Team Build

Skill Enhancement

Order skill enhancement: S3 -> S2.

Skill List:

Blunt StrikeActive
Attacks the enemy before increasing Combat Readiness of a random ally except for the caster by 10%. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster’s Defense.
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Wild SwingActive
Attacks the enemy before increasing Defense of the caster for 2 turns and recovers Health. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster’s Defense, and amount recovered increases proportional to the caster’s max Health.
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Sword of GraceActive
Adopts a counterattacking stance for 3 turns, and grants increased Speed and a barrier to all allies except for the caster for 2 turns. Barrier strength increases proportional to the caster’s defense. After suffering an attack that targets all allies, decreases skill cooldown by 2 turns.
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Crit Chance + Crit DamageSurprisingly, Ancient Dragon’s Legacy does work on Helen, as it leaves her only needing 85% Crit Chance, and increases her Crit DMG on her s3.
More Counterattacking
It’ll end up bleeding into her s3 a little bit, but when she’s off her counterattack buff, this can come in clutch a little.
Damage SharingThis’ll help the survivability of her allies, though she has to take some of the damage herself.


Total Materials:

  • Frost Rune x26
  • Greater Frost Rune x21
  • Epic Frost Rune x10
  • Special Alarm Loop x9
  • Heart of Hypocrisy x6

Memory Imprint


Imprint ReleaseImprint Concentration
DHealth +120Defense +36
CHealth +180Defense +54
BHealth +240Defense +72
AHealth +300Defense +90
SHealth +360Defense +108
SSHealth +420Defense +126
SSSHealth +480Defense +144


AdviceBeliefBizarre StoryComfortingComplain
CriticismCute CheerDreamFood StoryGossip
Happy MemoryHeroic CheerHeroic TaleHorrorInteresting Story
Joyful MemoriesMythOccultReality CheckSad Memory
Self IndulgentUnique Comment

Helen Gameplay

Helen is a PvP unit. She doesn’t fare well in PvE, due to the long cooldown of her s3 and needing to face off against AoE units. She’s actually pretty similar to Inferno Khawazu in that regard – needs to fight an AoE unit, otherwise they’re not at their full potential. She works as a somewhat tanky damage dealer who deals damage based off of her Defense.

Helen Introduce

An apprentice who was noticed by her instructor, Camilla, not due to her skill but because of how lucky she is. Whenever she guesses, she always manages to get the right answer, and whenever she trips, she always falls into her enemy’s weakpoint inflicting a huge amount of damage. However, it seems that her good luck only kicks in when she’s doing things that she wants to do.

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