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Epic Seven best characters 2024

Best characters in Epic Seven for beginners 2024 are: Luluca, Auxiliary Lots, Landy, Specimen Sez, Sez, Blood Blade Karin, Martial Artist Ken, Vivian, Specter Tenebria, Roana,… These characters are difficult to defeat and have the ability to deal great damage during combat or protect themselves from it entirely with skills like invincibility frames that last a short time.

Top 1: Luluca



She is a great PvE unit. Most mages are offensive oriented but Luluca can play both offense and defense with defense break and defense buff. Add to her high base attack, she can do really well on offense if you built her with mostly attack and critical rate/damage.

She also have high base defense. She can take a few hits, especially with her defense buff up. Her artifact also literally means she gives the team defense buff+ barrier pretty much every round.

Her kit will make her shine in Abyss, Wyvern and Raid.

The key thing about Luluca is she is a great beginner friendly mage for new players, and because mages can hold many useful artifacts such as Tagahel’s and Etica’s Scepter, she will have added utility in any team that needs a AoE defense break + AoE defense buff in 1 hero.

Top 2: Auxiliary Lots

Auxiliary Lots
Auxiliary Lots


A good offensive mage that can instantly give your ally an attack buff + instant turn. This means you can build your main attacker with almost no speed and be able to deal big damage.
This works on any DPS like C.Lorina, Sez, Clarissa etc. His third skill can apply AoE silence, stopping them from using their powerful skills.

He is pretty much made for PvP. He also have some good uses in PvE, particularly Abyss and Raid to setup your DPS for big damage. When you’re building A.Lots, your main (and only) priority should be speed. Give A.Lots your best and fastest gear, so he goes first and outspeeds all of the enemies. Any other substats can honestly take a backburner when building A.Lots: they’re beneficial, but not the main focus. Also make sure to fully skill up his S2, so it’s 100% Combat Readiness.

Top 3: Landy



Landy’s strength lies in being self sufficient since she does not always need an attack buff due to her passive, which provides bonus attack. However, it still does take some attacks to charge her up. So any dual attacks is going to help speed up the process.

Her skill 3 is an AoE attack that cannot be counterattacked and also pushes all allies combat readiness + a speed buff to boot, along with penetrating everyone’s defense by 50%. It is best against buff heavy teams as it charges the fighting spirit up quickly.

Her skill one also allows her to cycle her skills faster as it increases her own combat readiness (more if enemy has a buff).

This makes her perfect for Azimank hunts as she will always deal bonus damage since the boss always have the tendency to generate buffs herself after she gets attacked.

After the post buff, she is now very powerful against buff heavy teams in PvP. She can usually use her skill 3 twice if the enemy has enough buffs and her attacks really start to stack up and hurt after the first skill 3.

Top 4: Specimen Sez

Specimen Sez
Specimen Sez


With the new buffs, he becomes a terror, if the enemy gets stunned. You will still need to build a team around him that can constantly stun enemies. His S3 doesn’t hurt as much if the stun does not land. However, if it lands, any unit is dead (even tanks). With extinction, he is a good unit to take on revive teams as well.

Great teammates with Specimen Sez are units like ML Aramintha, Wanda (2 turn stun), Judith, ML Purggis, Zerato, Dominiel etc. The good thing is that both his own skill 1 (50%) and skill 2 (30%) has higher chance to stun, so he isn’t completely reliant on other teammates.

Immunity sets/high effect resistance still hard counter him, but if you bring a buff stripper like Hurado, Romann, Basar etc, he should have no problem getting stuns in.

He is also usable in PvE in Golem Hunt to stun the tree and prevent him from healing the golem. Very niche but still quite useful.

Top 5: Sez



Sez is a good early game farmer until up to about world mode map 3. After that, you will need super good gear to be able to do it with ease. His passive triggers an additional AoE attack, which helps in farming.

Sez’s best skill is his third skill, which is a single target nuke that also deals AoE damage to surrounding enemies if he kills someone. If you soul burn it, the damage is very high. This is where Sez becomes a popular cleave unit in PvP, especially with a mage on the team to carry Tagahel’s Ancient Book (Auxiliary Lots is the best candidate).

With the Wind Rider bug fix, he won’t be able to cleave very tanky compositions well anymore.

Sez does decent in most PvE content, but most don’t use him as much there aside from farming.

Top 6: Blood Blade Karin

Blood Blade Karin
Blood Blade Karin


Bloodblade Karin is a PvP oriented unit, but can also excel in Boss Hunts, particularly Golem. Her basic attack has lifesteal and she can sustain herself at low health. Put on a lifesteal set and she is really self sufficient.

She becomes dangerous at low health, improving her attack, defense and speed at intervals of 75%, 50% and 25%. She does have very low defense, so you will definitely want to get some health or defense to beef her up or she will die easily before you even have a chance to use her s3. However, with her new updates, her Immortality buff can also help to act as a safety net just in case; this, in turn, eases the requirements of bulk needed for your BBK to survive.

In PvP, she can be used as a cleave unit to either clean up or start the battle to weaken enemies. She does require molagora investment to shine though. The buffed Blood Blade Karin is now scary as the damage multipliers are even better now.

Top 7: Martial Artist Ken

Martial Artist Ken
Martial Artist Ken


This guy is one of the best characters in the game due to the way his kit works. He has 100% counter chance when he gets hit by a critical hit and 30% counter for a normal hit. Put on lifesteal set, some attack, health, defense, effect resistance and he becomes very scary. Add in Sigurd Scythe artifact and you will need to one shot him in order to win.

While he is vulnerable to stuns, he more than makes up for it with defense break + attack down debuff with no elemental disadvantage. He is strong in both PvE and PvP (offense and defense due to counter mechanics).

If you find your ML Ken getting debuffed too often, consider dropping some attack for more effect resistance. He is also weak against strong single target DPS that can nuke him even with Crimson Armin’s critical damage reduction.

Top 8: Vivian



Vivian is a good character for longer fights as she is not a pure turn 1 nuker. Her S3 gives the whole team 3 turn immunity and attack buff while giving herself a greater attack buff. This indicates that she can only nuke efficiently after turn 1. This means that she is good in most PvE content, particularly shining in Banshee and Azimanak hunts due to her AoE attacks and potential S2 reset damage.

If you are lacking a Banshee Hunt AoE attacker, she can fill that role very well since her immunity will also prevent your team from damage over time effects from the Banshee and Azimanak.

In PvP Vivian serves as both a cleaver and a fantastic opener option with her high base speed of 115, granting the whole team attack up and immunity for three turns. Unfortunately with the presence of Basar she can quickly lose her set up options if he is left unchecked.

When paired with Time Matter Vivian’s utility increases greatly, as each proc of her S2 is granted the damage increase and lowers her cooldowns. This allows Vivian to not only serve as a great PvE farmer but also an amazingly efficient cleaver with constant AoE barrages.

Her S1 also has a rare 1.2 modifier, combined with her abnormally high base attack and her built in greater attack up buff, all of her damaging skills are guaranteed to sting even at low investment levels. Her self CR push on her S1 also allows her to cycle her cooldowns quicker or focus on single target damage instead of her AoE attacks.

Top 9: Specter Tenebria

Specter Tenebria
Specter Tenebria


With the new overhaul, she has turned from mediocre to very powerful. Now she is extremely viable in PvE and PvP. For PvE, she is useful in Raids as now she cannot be targeted by single attacks unless she is the last one standing.

She gains bonus attack damage (up to 50%) when anyone dies (both ally or enemy). This works in Raid as the bonus carries over and does not reset. She also deals a lot more damage on her skill 3 based on the number of debuffs on the enemy. If someone dies to her skill 3, every enemy team member loses 50% combat readiness. In Abyss, you can run her with 3 support/healers due to her being neutral element and has poison, the most OP debuff on many Abyss floors.

In PvP, while she may be vulnerable to AoE attackers, but you can mitigate that by using healers. She can now hit very hard as long as you land debuffs on any enemy, especially defense break. Her damage will also increase as characters die.

Also, her skill 1 now cannot be counter attacked and can hit 2 enemies when skill 3 is on cooldown, so she becomes much stronger on offense as she can’t be targeted by RNG counter attacks.

Top 10: Roana


Soul Weaver

The first revive buffer for F2P players to pick up. Definitely a safety net in battles since the other revivers are hard to get.

Upon testing, she is the best unit against counter units since her S2 passive heals based on dual attacks and counter attacks. Also, it increases combat readiness of your allies + herself when that happens. When equipped with Touch of Rekos, the healing can be very good, especially against AoE counters from Seaside Bellona. She is definitely a must pull for any users who have trouble dealing with Seaside Bellona.

Her revive buff on S3 is a safety skill that helps in both PvE and PvP content. The downside is that your unit cannot be revived after they are dead, so make sure to have the revive buff up if you know one of your units is in danger of dying within the next 2 turns. Her S1 barrier is also very good if you mola it since it scales on her max health.

She is hard countered by buff strips, so make sure to have a cleanser to clear unhealable and unable to be buffed debuff.

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