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Epic Seven Auxiliary Lots Build 2023: Skill, Equipment and Artifacts

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Auxiliary Lots Build in Epic Seven.

Best Auxiliary Lots build guides for Epic Seven 2023. I works hard to keep my’s Epic Seven builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Auxiliary Lots build for the meta. Learn more about Auxiliary Lots’s Skill, Equipment and Artifact.

Dark | Pisces | Mage

Auxiliary Lots Ratings

Boss Hunt7.3
Guild Wars7.6

Auxiliary Lots Pros and Cons

Support attacker that can buff himself and his ally
AoE silence (very useful in the arena, preventing opponents from using skill 2 and 3)
High base crit rate at 35%
Can wear Tagehel’s Ancient Book, allowing you to build very powerful cleave arena teams (Sez, Ludwig etc)
Low base health
Needs a lot of speed to make sure he goes early on in the arena to pull off his second or third skill

Auxiliary Lots Build

Stat Priorities: Speed.

Equipment (Gears)

Gears build for Auxiliary Lots.


Team build

Skill Enhancement

Order skill enhancement: S2 -> S3. (S2 will be priority, especially if you use him in PvP. S3 is not necessary as most speed battles end early.)

Skill List:

Black MagicActive
Attacks with a magic sphere, increasing caster’s Combat Readiness by 15%.
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Mana InjectionActive
Injects an ally with mana, increasing Attack for 2 turns and increasing Combat Readiness by 80%, before granting the caster increased Attack for 2 turns and a 30% increase in Combat Readiness.
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Attacks all enemies by releasing strong Mana, with a 50% chance to silence for 2 turns.
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PvPAllows any of your DPS that require 20 souls to burn their skills for extra damage (Sez, Ludwig etc.). One of the most optimal artifacts for A.Lots, since he doesn’t need anything but speed.
Reduce CooldownHas high chance to lower S2 cooldown. At max level you can use his S2 every turn.


Total Materials:

  • Dark Rune x37
  • Greater Dark Rune x18
  • Epic Dark Rune x14
  • Blood Flaked Bone x12
  • Ancient Creature Nucleus x8

Memory Imprint


Imprint ReleaseImprint Concentration
CAttack 2.9%Health +4%
BAttack 3.6%Health +6%
AAttack 5.8%Health +8%
SAttack 7.2%Health +10%
SSAttack 8.7%Health +12%
SSSAttack 10.2%Health +14%


AdviceBeliefBizarre StoryComfortingComplain
CriticismCute CheerDreamFood StoryGossip
Happy MemoryHeroic CheerHeroic TaleHorrorInteresting Story
Joyful MemoriesMythOccultReality CheckSad Memory
Self IndulgentUnique Comment

Auxiliary Lots Gameplay

A good offensive mage that can instantly give your ally an attack buff + instant turn. This means you can build your main attacker with almost no speed and be able to deal big damage.

This works on any DPS like C.Lorina, Sez, Clarissa etc. His third skill can apply AoE silence, stopping them from using their powerful skills.

He is pretty much made for PvP. He also have some good uses in PvE, particularly Abyss and Raid to setup your DPS for big damage. When you’re building A.Lots, your main (and only) priority should be speed. Give A.Lots your best and fastest gear, so he goes first and outspeeds all of the enemies. Any other substats can honestly take a backburner when building A.Lots: they’re beneficial, but not the main focus. Also make sure to fully skill up his S2, so it’s 100% Combat Readiness.

Auxiliary Lots Introduce

A magical doll modeled on Lots. Compared to the original Lots, this doll is extremely competitive and desperate for recognition, and so participates in as many activities around Reingar as possible.

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