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Dota Auto Chess Items List

Hey, I’m Zathong and this is Items list in Dota Auto Chess. Items can be equipped on your chess pieces to improve their performance on the board. Let’s just get into the details below!

The items dropped from creeps

Items have a chance to drop from defeated Creeps enemies. The odds of receiving higher tier items is better the stronger the enemy. There are 4 tiers of item rarity.

NameEffectsDrop FromStackability
Blades of Attack+10 Attack damageTier 1Yes
Blight Stone3 Armor reduction to the target.1Tier 1No
Blink Dagger+25% mana gained through taking damageInstantly teleports to the farthest vacant grid in this column.Tier 2No
Broad Sword+20 Attack damageTier 2Yes
Chainmail+5 ArmorTier 1Yes
Cloak+15% Magic resistanceTier 1Yes
Crown+50% Mana gained by dealing damageTier 1No
Demon Edge+30 Attack damageTier 3Yes
Ring of Health+10 HP regenerationTier 1Yes
Hyperstone+30 Attack speedTier 3Yes
Javelin+15 Attack damageTier 2Yes
Mithril Hammer+15 Attack DamageTier 2Yes
Morbid Mask+5% LifestealTier 1Yes
Mystic Staff-40% Magic resistance to the target1+100% mana gained by dealing damageTier 4No
Ogre Axe+15% Max HP3Tier 2Yes
Plate Mail+10 Armor.Tier 2Yes
Quarterstaff+5 Attack damage, +10 Attack speedTier 1Yes
Reaver+500 Max HP+15% Max HP3Tier 4Yes
Ring of Regeneration+5 HP regenerationTier 1Yes
Robe of the Magi-30% Magic resistance to target1Tier 1No
Sacred Relic+50 Attack damageTier 4Yes
Stout ShieldBlocks 10 damage2Tier 1No
Ultimate Orb+250 Max HP+25% mana gained through taking damageTier 3Mana: NoOther: Yes
Vitality Booster+250 Max HPTier 2Yes
Void Stone+100% mana gained by dealing damageTier 1No
Staff of Wizardry-30% Magic resistance to target1Tier 2No

Combined Items

Assault CuirassAura: +10 Armor and +10% attack speed for allies within 1 gridAura: -10 Armor and -10% attack speed for enemies within 1 gridHyperstone, Chain Mail, Plate MailNo
Battle Fury+30 Attack damage, melee attacks deal 30% cleave damage in a range of 2 grids6+10 HP regeneration+100% mana gained by dealing damagePerseverance, Demon EdgeMana: NoOther: Yes
Black King Bar+15 Attack damage+15% Max HP.7Active after become damage: Grants spell immunity and 100% magic resistance for 8 sec. 30s cooldownOgre Axe, Mithril HammerYes
Blade Mail+5 Armor+10 Attack damageActive after become damaged: For 4 seconds, duplicates 100% of the damage taken back to the unit that dealt the damage.5 30s cooldown.Broad Sword, Chain MailYes
Crystalys+15 Attack damage20% chance to deal 1.5x damage.Blades of Attack, Broad SwordYes
Daedalus+40 Attack damage10% chance to deal 4x damage.Crystalys, Demon EdgeYes
Dagon 1-30% Magic resistance to the target1,2, +50% Mana gained by dealing damage.Autocast: Deal 400 magical damage to a random enemy.Staff of Wizardry, CrownNo
Dagon 2-60% Magic resistance to the target1,2, +50% Mana gained by dealing damage.Autocast: Deal 500 magical damage to a random enemy.Staff of Wizardry, Dagon 1No
Dagon 3-90% Magic resistance to the target1,2, +50% Mana gained by dealing damage.Autocast: Deal 600 magical damage to a random enemy.Staff of Wizardry, Dagon 2No
Dagon 4-120% Magic resistance to the target1,2, +50% Mana gained by dealing damage.Autocast: Deal 700 magical damage to a random enemy.Staff of Wizardry, Dagon 3No
Dagon 5-150% Magic resistance to the target1,2, +50% Mana gained by dealing damage.Autocast: Deal 800 magical damage to a random enemy.Staff of Wizardry, Dagon 4No
Desolator+30 Attack damage15 Armor reduction to the target1Blight Stone, Mithril Hammer x2Armor reduction: NoOther: Yes
Divine Rapier+150 Attack damageDemon Edge, Sacred RelicYes
Hood Of Defiance+15 HP regeneration+30 Magic resistanceRing of Health, Cloak, Ring of RegenerationYes
Kaya-100% Magic resistance to target1Magi Robe, Staff of WizardryNo
Mask of Madness+10% Lifesteal+30 Attack speedSilences the bearer.Morbid Mask, Quarter StaffYes
Maelstrom+25 Attack damage25% chance on attack to release a bolt of electricity that leaps between 3 targets, dealing 100 to each.3Javelin, Mithril HammerYes
Mjollnir+50 Attack damage, +30 Attack speed25% chance on attack to release a bolt of electricity that leaps between 5 targets, dealing 200 damage to each.3Maelstorm, HyperstoneYes
Monkey King Bar+80 Attack damage, +10 Attack speedAttacks pierce through evasion.Demon Edge, Javelin, Quarter StaffYes
Moon Shard+70 Attack speedHyperstone x2Yes
Perseverance+10 HP regeneration+100% mana gained by dealing damageRing of Health, Void StoneMana: NoOther: Yes
Refresher Orb+20 HP regeneration+200% mana gained by dealing damageRefreshes the abilities after the first cast. 30s cooldown.Perseverance x2Mana: NoOther: Yes
Scythe Of Vyse-20% Magic resistance to the target1+50% mana gained through dealing and taking damage+250 Maximum HPAutocast: Transforms an enemy chess into a sheep for 8s. 15s cooldown.Mystic Staff, Ultimate Orb, Void StoneDebuff and mana: NoOther: Yes
Heart of Tarrasque+1000 Max HP+30% Max HP71% HP regeneration per 1s.Reaver, Vitality Booster, Vitality BoosterYes
Vanguard+250 Max HP, +10 HP regeneration50% chance to block 50 damage.4Vitality Booster, Stout Shield, Ring of HealthDamage block: NoOther: Yes

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