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Cyrus the Great talent tree build 2024 [Rise of Kingdoms]

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Cyrus the Great talent tree build in Rise of Kingdoms. Best Cyrus the Great guides for Rise of Kingdoms 2024. Learn more about Cyrus the Great’s skill, background.

Cyrus the Great Talent Tree builds

Archer Talent Tree
Versatility Talent Tree
Skill Talent Tree


The Immortals (Active Skill)

Rage Requirement: 1000

The current victim takes direct damage as well as enhanced extra damage for three seconds.

Battle of Thymbra (Passive Skill)

This commander grants his archer units faster marching and more attacking power.

Persian Bow (Passive Skill)

This commander’s normal attack has a 10% chance to do extra damage over time for three seconds when it is launched by all-armor soldiers. The target deals less skill damage while the damage over time is active. At most, this effect will occur once every five seconds.

The Cyrus Cylinder (Passive Skill)

Troops under this commander’s command have a 10% chance to damage up to three targets for two seconds in a circular area of effect when they are attacked on the map. At most, this effect can be activated once every five seconds.

King of the World New Skill: ( Passive Skill )

This commander gives archer troops 20% more attack and 20% more defense once they use an active skill, along with an additional 50 rage every second. This effect lasts for three seconds. At most, this impact can occur once every five seconds.


Cyrus II, popularly referred to as Cyrus the Great, established the historical Persian Empire. Beginning as a local king in what is now southwest Iran, he quickly gained authority over Medes, Lydia, and Babylon, uniting the majority of the Middle East, through a series of conquests. In the end, he established an enormous empire that spanned from India to the Mediterranean.

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