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Chuck Brawl Stars Build Guide: Star Powers, Gadgets & Team 2024

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Chuck Build in Brawl Stars. Chuck has Super that charges itself over time, he has good health and does more damage at close range.

Best Chuck build guides for Brawl Stars 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Brawl Stars builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Chuck build for the meta. Learn more about Chuck’s abilities, Star Powers, Gadgets, Gameplay, Tips and Tricks.


Class: Damage Dealer

Rarity: Mythic

Movement speed: 770 (Fast) 3700 (dash)

Win rate: 33%

Star Powers

Best Star Powers for Chuck are: Pit Stop and Tickets Please!.

Pit Stop

Pit Stop
Pit Stop

Using Star Powers will increase the number of Posts to 4.

Tickets Please!

Tickets Please!
Tickets Please!

Using these Star Powers can steal 1/3 of the bullets of enemies hit.


Best Gadgets for Chuck are: Rerouting and Ghost Train.



Chuck will delete the most recent Post and reload Super immediately.

Ghost Train

Ghost Train
Ghost Train

When activating this Gadget, the next use of Super can go through walls.


Prioritize: Damage > Shield > Health > Speed > Gadget Charge > Vision.

Team Comps

Best team for Chuck are: Emz + Gale.



How To Get Chuck ?

Tips and Tricks

Chuck is great in Gem Grab mode. He can place a Post on the opponent’s side and rush in to take out the Gem carrier.

Chuck is also a good choice for Hot Zone mode, he will set up many Posts as soon as he enters the Zone.

With his Super, Chuck can deal incredible damage to stationary targets.

Chuck can throw a Post over the wall, then use it to escape at any time.

Chuck has a slow reload speed, make sure it’s fully charged before attacking enemies.


Attack: Steam Engine

Chuck will shoot 3 clouds of steam that penetrate enemies and damage them. Enemies near Chuck will take more damage.

Super: Choo-Choo!

Chuck will rush to the nearest Post in sight, damaging enemies along the way. If there is no Post, a new Post will be thrown to the ground.

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