Top 5 Best Jungle Smite 2024 (Season 11) for beginners

Best Jungle in Smite for beginners 2024 are: Pele, Thanatos, Kali, Thor, Ne Zha… These champions are currently extremely strong. If you can pick, you’ll have somewhat of a head-start in the game.


Top 5: Pele

Pele is a ranged assassin God has single target damage, burst damage, high mobility and good gank. So, I suggest you should use Pele Jungle.

Always keep the fuel of Magma Rush (skill 3) above 40 to be ready in the event of a fight.

Always fight or clean up when Magma Rush (skill 3) is fully turned on.

Using Volcanic Lightning (skill 4) to chase enemies and dash does cone damage behind it when it hits an enemy (total 4 cones).

Top 4: Thanatos

Thanatos is a Assassin God has high damage, high sustain, good gank and great chaser. So, I suggest you should use Thanatos jungle.

Early game: You can choose to farm or gank.

Mid game: Using Hovering Death (skill 4) getting into the backline and kill the adc or mid.

Late game: Organize teamfights and get big targets.

Top 3: Kali

Kali is a assassin God has high damage and good gank. So, I suggest you should use Kali Jungle.

Kali strong in both early mid and end-game. From level 1 to 9 you should farm jungle to earn gold. In the mid game you can start ganking mid and side lanes.

Top 2: Thor

Thor is a Assassin God has high damge, versatile, quick escape, and able to take on multiple Gods. So, I suggest you should use Thor solo, jungle.

Do you place a wall in the right spot to cut off enemies or use a well-timed hammer throw to take them down.

Anvil of Dawn (skill 4) can help you approach enemies or run away.

Top 1: Ne Zha

Ne Zha is a assassin God has high damage, good sustain, fast hitting and movement. So, I suggest you should use Ne Zha jungle, solo, support.

Ne Zha is weak in teamfights, so you should hide and take out the enemy from the backline.

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