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Top 5 best Jungle in LoL Wild Rift 2024

Best Jungle in Wild Rift for beginners are: Lee Sin, Kha’Zix, Olaf, Master Yi, Xin Zhao,… These champions are currently extremely strong. If you can pick, you’ll have somewhat of a head-start in the game.

Top 1: Lee Sin

Lee Sin is an early-game powerhouse capable of out-dueling almost any jungler or champion on the map.

Lee Sin
Lee Sin


  • Among the top junglers in the early game.
  • Capable of huge plays.
  • Excellent in this early game meta right now.
  • Increased harm.
  • Possess potential.
  • Adaptable construction (AD/Bruiser against Tank).
  • Excellent one-man show winner.
  • Lately polished.


  • Incredibly mechanical
  • Feeble if lagging
  • Not a strict CC
  • Not the greatest at winning the early game with scuttle

Tips: To avoid falling off later, your goal with Lee Sin should be to advance quickly and build up your laners.

Top 2: Kha’Zix

Kha’zix is a very versatile Jungler because of the multiple ways of building him.



  • Does a great deal of harm.
  • Able to eliminate several targets in a single battle.
  • Bruiser & Assassin builds are possible.
  • Incredibly slow.


  • Hardly uses any CC.
  • Dependent on ganks from laners.
  • Soft as an Assailant.
  • Possesses average DPS. Damage is mostly burst.
  • Unsuitable as a jungler in team battles


You can cancel your Ability 3 by flashing it in midair.

When Kha’Zix employs his Ability 4, he is able to move through champions, monsters, and minions without worrying about unit collision. and is impervious to blocking.

Unless it’s a secured kill and you have evolved Ability 3, use Ability 4 instead of Ability 3 while engaging.

Top 3: Olaf

Olaf is a very versatile champion. He can be built for any situation.



  • High damage output for the duration of the game.
  • Overall, tanky.
  • Possibly healed completely by farming any jungle creature.


  • Affected by Slows.
  • Has difficulty defeating unseen opponents and has to be able to see the enemy.
  • Depends on landing Skill 1 to slow down adversaries.

Tips: Playing Olaf requires you to constantly be aware of your lanes. For a quick level 3, I usually start red go blue gromp. However, when you’re making your way to or from blue, keep an eye on your lanes to see if anyone else is trading.

Top 4: Master Yi

Master Yi is a very versatile Jungler because of the multiple ways of building him.

Master Yi
Master Yi


  • Fits into heavy CC setups rather nicely.
  • Cannot be easily killed.
  • You have an enormous level of sustain along with a great damage output.
  • Scales well, even in retrospect.


  • Without CC and open to CC from others.
  • Squishy.
  • Primarily must be targeted initially.
  • Extremely mana-hungry; requires blue at all times.

Tips: You should be farming if you’re not ganking. Take advantage of any opportunity to take lane CS and as many jungle camps as you can in order to feed yourself as much as possible.

Top 5: Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao is a very versatile champion. He can be built for any situation.

Xin Zhao


  • Crazy damage in the early game.
  • Good Continue.
  • DPS and High Burst.
  • Simple to build a snowball.
  • Largely neutralizes mid laners.
  • Fairly simple to pick up.


  • Simple to gank.
  • A little squishy.
  • May tumble off.
  • Ưeak to strong CC.
  • Fights off long-range pokes.
  • Less mobility compared to other killers.

Tips: We have gank threat level 2 and can battle a lot of junglers in the early game, thus my strategy for every game I play on Xin Zhao is to be aggressive early. Therefore, my usual goals are to punish weak junglers or invade early.

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