Best hero in vainglory 2024

Best hero in vainglory for beginners are: Grumpjaw, Yates, Flicker, Reza, Ardan, Anka, Tony, Catherine, Lance,… These hero are currently extremely strong. If you can pick, you’ll have somewhat of a head-start in the game.

Best hero in vainglory

TopHeroesTips and Tricks
Use basic attacks to maintain your stacks of Living Armor.
Use Stuffed to remove a key hero from a team fight.
Use Grumpy to charge into battle or escape over walls.

Yates has a huge advantage in team fights. His Iron Mandate is a global ability and Overwhelm is an area-of-effect stun.
Use Fairy Dust to slow enemies and then attack them with Binding Light.
Mooncloack is a global ability, meaning it affects everything on the map. So while you can use it to initiate combat, you can also use the stealth granted to save a fleeing ally.

Use your ultimate to stealth your jungler, making it possible for that ally to reach a fragile enemy undetected.
+ AoE.
+ Burst.
+ Mobility.
+ Squishy.
+ Susceptible to CC.
Attacking enemies reduces the cooldown on his Blood for Blood. Kick and punch your way to vengeance!
Invest in vision near jungle camps because Ardan can jump a wall to an enemy or ally if he has vision on them.

Don’t encircle the enemy team with Gauntlet! Instead, separate and trap one enemy to give your allies a numbers advantage.
Early game: In the Early Game, you don’t have to farm too much. Try to keep minions close to your turret and keep that as long as possible, this will give you and your Jungler a very big advantage.
Mid game: Your damage will be strong enough to poke enemies. About 60% HP for a glassy Hero like Celeste or 40% for a tanky hero like Glaive you can kill the enemy with a simple combo.

Late game: Stick with your teammates, stay close and be careful. When two teams combat, do not engage at the beginning, as a true assassin, use the combo when the enemies are about 60% HP, this will be enough to kill them or makes them really low for your team to do the final job.
In team fight kite the enemy with Q in and out as you go while team pick and fight,, constant kiting with Q, and nice ultimate when there is an opening or if teem needs,, you can also use for clear waves from turret, very handy.
Use Catherine’s stun to cancel enemy abilities.
Blast Tremor followed by Merciless Pursuit is an amazing initiation combo as long as the whole team dives in at the same time.
When your Stormguard is up, try to stand in the highest damage area possible to reflect back damage on enemies.
+ CC.
+ Tanky.
+ Utility.
+ Relies on skill shots and positioning
Heal allies when they’re near enemies to light baddies on fire.
Trigger Reflex Block to protect Adagio when channeling his ultimate.
Self-healing packs a strong area-of-effect slow, which can be used to disengage.

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