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Ashe Wild Rift Build 2024: Items, Runes, Combo [Pro]

Hey, I’m Zathong and this article is all about the Ashe wild rift build. I’ll help you in learning about the items, runes, skill order, and skill combo of Ashe.


Ashe Wild Rift Stats


The Frost Archer

Role: Marksman

Lane: Dragon

Tier: A

Frost ShotRanger's FocusVolleyHawkshotEnchanted Crystal Arrow

Ashe Wild Rift Spells Build

Best spells for Ashe Wild Rift are: Flash, Ghost or Flash, Ignite.


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Ashe Wild Rift Items Build

Best items for Ashe Wild Rift are: Stormrazor, Runaan’s Hurricane, Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster, Wit’s End, Protobelt Enchant.

Gluttonous GreavesStormrazorRunaan's HurricaneInfinity EdgeBloodthirsterWit's EndProtobelt Enchant

Meta items for Ashe Wild Rift:

Boots of FurorEssence ReaverRunaan's HurricaneInfinity EdgeLord Dominik’s RegardsBlade of the Ruined KingStasis Enchant
Boots of FurorStormrazorBloodthirsterWit's EndMortal ReminderRunaan's HurricaneStasis Enchant
Boots of FurorStormrazorBloodthirsterRunaan's HurricaneInfinity EdgeMortal ReminderQuicksilver Enchant

Set 1: Essence Reaver, Runaan’s Hurricane, Infinity Edge, Lord Dominik’s Regards, Blade of the Ruined King, Stasis Enchant.

Set 2: Stormrazor, Bloodthirster, Wit’s End, Mortal Reminder, Runaan’s Hurricane, Stasis Enchant.

Set 3: Stormrazor, Bloodthirster, Runaan’s Hurricane, Infinity Edge, Mortal Reminder, Quicksilver Enchant.

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Ashe Wild Rift Runes Build

Best runes for Ashe Wild Rift are: Lethal Tempo, Brutal, Coup de Grace, Legend: Alacrity, Bone Plating

Lethal TempoBrutalCoup de GraceLegend: AlacrityBone Plating

Meta runes for Ashe Wild Rift:

Lethal TempoWeaknessHunter - TitanNimbus Cloak
ConquerorWeaknessLoyaltySweet Tooth

Set 1: Lethal Tempo, Weakness, Hunter – Titan, Nimbus Cloak.

Set 2: Conqueror, Weakness, Loyalty, Sweet Tooth.

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Ashe Wild Rift Skill Order

Skill Order: Skill 2 -> Skill 1 -> Ultimate -> Skill 3

Ranger's Focus
Ranger’s Focus
Enchanted Crystal Arrow
Enchanted Crystal Arrow

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Ashe Wild Rift Combo

These are the best combos for Ashe Wild Rift, I hope you’ll like it.

Easy Combos:

AA > Skill 2 > AA

AA > Volley > AA

AA > AA > AA > AA > Skill 1

AA > AA > AA > AA > Ranger's Focus

Ultimate > AA > Skill 2 > AA > AA > AA > Skill 1 > AA

Enchanted Crystal Arrow > AA > Volley > AA > AA> AA > Ranger's Focus > AA

Average Combos:

Ultimate > Flash > AA

Enchanted Crystal Arrow > Flash > AA

Skill 2 > Flash > AA

Volley > Flash > AA

AA > Skill 1 > Ultimate > AA > Skill 2 > AA

AA > Ranger's Focus > Enchanted Crystal Arrow > AA > Volley > AA

Ashe Wild Rift’s Enemies & Allies

I help you find to champions: weak, strong and good with Ashe in Wild Rift.

Weak AgainstStrong AgainstGood With
TwitchDravenJinxMiss FortuneKaisaVarusMorganaSennaLulu

Ashe Wild Rift is weak against: Twitch, Draven, Jinx. These picks are strong against Ashe at many stages of the game.

Ashe Wild Rift is strong against: Miss Fortune, Kaisa, Varus. These picks are weak against Ashe at many stages of the game.

Ashe Wild Rift is good with: Morgana, Senna, Lulu. These picks are good connect Ashe at many stages of the game.

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How To Play Ashe Wild Rift


Ashe Pro Guide

Ashe is a Marksman with high range, great kite, good poke and wave clear.

Spells are suitable for Ashe Wild Rift:


Items are suitable for Ashe Wild Rift:

Early Items:

Long SwordWarding Totem

Core Items

StormrazorRunaan's HurricaneInfinity Edge or Essence ReaverRunaan's HurricaneInfinity Edge or StormrazorBloodthirsterWit's End

Attack Items:

StormrazorRunaan's HurricaneInfinity EdgeBloodthirsterWit's EndLord Dominik’s RegardsBlade of the Ruined KingEssence Reaver

Movement Items:

Gluttonous GreavesBoots of Furor

Enchantments Items:

Stasis EnchantProtobelt EnchantQuicksilver Enchant

Runes are suitable for Ashe Wild Rift:

ConquerorBrutalAdaptive CarapacePack HunterLethal TempoHunter - TitanNimbus CloakWeaknessLoyaltySweet Tooth

Best lane for Ashe :


Baron Lane
Dragon LaneX


Early game (level 1-7): You should focus on farming gold and experience during this stage of the game.

Mid game (level 8-12): You should be looking for opportunities to roam and gank other lanes.

Late game (level 13+): You should deal damage from a safe distance.

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