Xayah Voice Lines English/Japanese/Korean – [League of Legends]

Hey, I’m Zathong and i will share Xayah voice lines in League of Legends by English/Japanese/Korean. Let’s just get into the details below!


Xayah Voice Lines English

Pick“I can never resist an invitation to dance.”
Ban“Fine, I’ll just be over here… sharpening my feathers.”
Moving“Sabotage takes patience and time – and lots of feather daggers.”
“I’ll do whatever needs to be done – twice, just to be sure.”
“Compromise is so unsatisfying.”
“Oh, I was born to ruffle feathers.”
“Our Vastayan essence fades with each passing day.”
“I will rest when our homelands are restored.”
“Every woman wants Rakan. They act as if they would know what to do with him.”
“They claim I lack the sense of when to give up. As if that were a flaw.”
“We Vastaya are only half of our full glory.”
“Rebellion puts the fire in my blood.”
“No-one will block my path.”
“Talking to anybody about anything is never on my to-do list.”
“If our existence is everyone else’s chaos, so be it.”
“Talking to people makes me want to stab them… so I do.”
“History is only written by winners. Write our chapter now.”
“Tavern brawls just seem to find me.”
“Chaos is the preferred state of nature.”
Xayah sings.
Nature tends to become chaotic. Break or give in.
“I really hate anyone who’s not me – or Rakan.”
“Nature is wild and untamed, not balanced.”
“Humans. They are incredibly blind.
“Spiders are my spirit animal.”
I would make out with Rakan till his ears bled if he were around. When I do it, he adores it.
“Ionians never learn.”
“Magic is not some easily controllable river. It is a turbulent sea that travels in any direction.”
I abhor flowers. The tiny skulls, on the other hand, were filled with twigs.
“Sometimes people pass away for a noble cause, specifically mine. I’m an optimist because of this.”
“Cloudy days are my favorite.”
“I like working at night because, you know, the sun? Bright? Yuck!”
“Pandemonium is with me wherever I go. It reminds me of a puppy I once fed.
“Ionia used to be so nice – before humans tamed all that wild cataclysmic magic.”
“Once, magic was everywhere, or as the Vastaya say: (chants)”
“Ionia’s meddling birthed our rebellion.”
Taunt“I’m about to ruin your day.”
“Please, for the sake of us both, go far away.”
“I’m going to murder you a thousand times.”
Is this where I’m supposed to feel intimidated? I have no idea what’s going on.
Don’t make me try too hard, please. I’m not feeling it.
“Can I just hate you to death?”
“I can’t even— I don’t know where to begin.”
“The next one to call me ‘edgy’ is getting choked to death.”
“I will punch your soul in the face.”
JokeWhen Xayah tries to fly, she hits the ground instead.
Attack“Dance like your life depends on it.”
“Move your feet, or lose some toes.”
“Compromise. It causes agony.”
“Call me cute again.”
“This is how I deal with unwanted attention.”
“This is a preemptive ‘No’.”
“Keep up.”
“A dance with me ends in blood.”
“Hear. Words, my.
“Hm, what shall I cut off?”
“I don’t speak compromise.”
“I always find a weak spot.”
“A thousand cuts is only the beginning.”
Cut like a feather? Very delicate.
“Violence is my favorite form of negotiation.”
“My feathers are priceless.”
“They make chaos dance.”
“No more second chances left. Sorry.”
“Listening. Such a simple concept.”
“Okay, so we’re doing this.”
“Threading the needle.”
“Stop sobbing! Just a feather, really.”
Xayah sings.
“When I dance, I lead.”
“My last nerve is long gone.”
“A Vastayan feather is a kingly gift.”
“This was our world first.”
“Ever been stabbed by a feather?”
“Yay, someone to throw knives at.”
Xayah sings.
“I leave nasty scars.”
“It’s only a little prick.”

Xayah Voice Lines Japanese

Xayah Voice Lines Korean

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