Violette Eversoul Build Guides: Team, Skill & Artifact

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Violette Build in Eversoul. I give you information about this character and assist you in selecting the ideal allies for Violette.


Violette Stats


Tier: C

Rarity: Epic

Type: Undead

Class: Caster

Gear type: INT

Violette Team Build

Good team build for Violette:

CharactersCombined with

Petra Velanna Catherine Jacqueline
Petra, Velanna, Catherine, Jacqueline

Chloe Claire Vivienne Catherine
Chloe, Claire, Vivienne, Catherine

Honglan Talia Vivienne
Honglan, Talia, Vivienne

Seeha Mica
Seeha, Mica 

Velanna Jacqueline
Velanna, Jacqueline

Mephistopeles Naiah
Mephistopeles, Naiah

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Position setup:

4 Characters1 Characters
2 Characters3 Characters
1 Characters4 Characters
3 Characters3 Characters

Violette Skill Guide

Name SkillType SkillEffect Skill
Absorbing DisastersPassiveGains strength by absorbing calamities. Violette’s ATK rises by 1.5% for each stack of effects (up to 50) when she uses her normal attacks on enemies that are affected by a DoT effect (burn, freeze, shock, poison, bleed, or curse).
Whispering CurseSubGives an illness that destroys life. The closest enemy is dealt damage equal to 90% ATK, and the enemy is cursed to receive damage equal to 60% ATK every two seconds for a duration of 12 seconds.
Bell of DeclineSubCauses adversaries to lose the will to battle by ringing the Bell of Decline. For ten seconds, lowers the closest enemy’s ATK by 18% and DEF by 18%. eliminates one buff effect as well.
Destructive SeductionMainIntensifies all devastating effects delivered upon the victim to deal damage. Deals the closest opponent 140% of its ATK in damage. In addition, it deals 140% of its damage to the target as many times as the number of DoT effects the target is under (burn, freeze, shock, poison, bleed, curse).
A Thousand Disasters and One HopeUltimateAmong the catastrophes, she discovers hope. The closest enemy and the area 3 meters around it will receive damage equal to 140% of ATK from this attack. In addition, additional damage equal to the number of DoT effects (burn, freeze, shock, poison, bleed, curse) applied to the target will be dealt. Removes all debuff effects and restores her HP to 300% of her ATK.

Violette Artifact Guide

Name Effect Stats (Lv.40)
Pandora’s BoxViolette’s Crit Rate and Crit DMG increase by 4% when the battle begins.ATK: +25%
HP: +14%
Crit Rate: +10%
Crit DMG: +30%

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