Tekken 7 well rounded characters 2024

Hey, I’m Zathong and i will update best well rounded character in Tekken 7 are: Asuka, Feng, Paul, Jack-7, Jin.

Top 1: Asuka


Asuka excels when she maintains a safe distance from the opponent and makes use of her potent keep-out techniques and whiff penalties. Asuka possesses one of the finest reversals in the game should she get near, and she also has a number of evasive moves that can help her score a counterpunch and start destructive combinations.

Asuka may use the momentum she gains from a successful knockdown to propel herself into her potent okizeme and workable ki-charge setups.

Top 2: Feng 


The archetypal hit-and-run figure is Feng. Feng more than makes up for his inferior combo damage and the fact that he doesn’t have a lot of reliable launch moves with his versatile toolset.

When playing neutrally, Feng adopts a Kenpo backstep posture that enables him to entice opponents into missing while also changing up his approach and poking strategy. This forces opponents to remain alert in order to survive his offense.

He also possesses some of the most evasive techniques in the game, occasionally slipping under opponents’ hold out moves with his Snake Dash strategy, along with Xiaoyu and Zafina. Feng is highly terrifying when near to his opponents, especially when they are backed up against a wall and combined with excellent pokes.

Top 3: Paul 


Paul is a great character with only a few small flaws and great qualities.

Paul is good no matter what situation he is in because of his extensive toolbox.

Approaching Paul is extremely risky because of some of his terrifying keep-out moves, which can result in a devastating combo with only one errant hit.

He has tools at his disposal to chip away at opponents and punish misses despite the fact that his poking is generally subpar.

Paul is endowed with a variety of mix-ups, evasive maneuvers, and extremely menacing counter-hit launchers that render any attempt to retaliate terrifying. Additionally, if Paul is able to push his opponent against the wall, their end is guaranteed. Paul can easily lock down his adversaries with the use of two potent homing moves.

Top 4: Jack-7

Jack 7

Jacks have strong pokes and throws that do good damage, but what really sets them apart from their opponents is the absurd range that most of their attacks have. Most of their punishers come at them from a distance.

The robots’ tremendous array of assaults more than makes up for their lack of any discernible evasiveness in their move set and their use of a lot of awkward slow orders. With an arsenal of dependable, decent mids and a few lows ranging from bothersome to lethal, an accomplished Jack will employ good mobility and attack mix-ups to be a terror at medium distances. Its close-range game is slower and riskier, but it also contains the command grab threat, which will obliterate anyone unable to break throws in time.

Top 5: Jin 


Kazuya and Jun Kazama combined their move sets to create Jin, who kept many of Jun’s moves and added better Kazuya moves.

Since none of his pokes are highly punishing on a block, his quickness and difficulty in reading them enable him to apply consistent pressure to his opponent.

Jin has a unique parry that he uses to “circumnavigate” some of the game’s restrictions. Although it has many advantages, it is challenging to put into practice. In order for Jin’s parry to be successful, his opponent must be physically moved away from the strike in order for Jin to counterattack them while they are still recuperating from the move, giving the impression that he wasn’t parrying at all.

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