Tekken 7 counter hit characters guide

Hey, I’m Zathong and i will guide counter hit characters in Tekken 7. Counter Hits inflict more damage and sometimes have different effects.

What is a counter hit ?

A counter hit is when you strike someone while they are attacking, interrupting their attack and producing the audible explosion.

When that happens it changes the properties of the move.

  • For example: On a successful counter hit, some moves launch the opponent, enabling you to perform a combination.

How to get counter hit tekken 7 ?

Video guide:

The majority of the characters I played or played against rely on risky launchers or counterhits to complete combinations. It depends on your style and your opponent.

  • For example: Katrina’s most fundamental move is a plus on block (1,1,2), allowing her to follow that up with a df4. Therefore, if you observe a Katrina performing 1, 1, and 2, it’s likely that he’s looking for a counterhit.

Usually, “egging someone on” refers to “instigating/antagonizing/or pursuing someone with hurtful intent.” I’m requesting that the opposing player launch their attack before I do.

The most common tactics to “egg” on attacks involve just sprinting or walking toward the opponent while halting close to them.

This tactic was very useful when playing M Law players on TR because many of them would get a red move (3+4) because red moves block first strikes and dash assaults.

90% of M Law players would be 3+4 if I were to run or stroll up to them and halt, allowing me to block, punish, or reverse it if I were playing a character with reversals.

Theres 3 ways of getting ch moves:

  • Way 1: Setting up + frames. This is a general tactic where you use a move + on block then follow it up with another move. This relies on the opponent not knowing frame data.
  • Way 2: You throw out your move in anticipation. Jins f4 is a really good move for this as its range is very long.
  • Way 3: You throw it out on reaction. This is harder but i see it commonly against hwo vs someone like jin or devil jin, where hes in stance and whiffed something, so they space their df2 for a launch.

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