Tekken 7 best punish character 2024

Hey, I’m Zathong and i will update best punish character in Tekken 7 are: Kazumi, Dragunov, Jack-7, Noctis, Lars.

Top 1: Kazumi


To overcome his opponents, Kazumi employs a combination of Heihachi and Kazuya’s techniques, including ferocious punches and hand chops. Her unique ability allows her to summon her pet tiger, which she can use alone or as part of a combo. In the same moment, it is also seen right after Kazumi strikes her tiger with an uppercut. Even if her unstoppable motion is not quite as strong as her husband’s, she too possesses it. She also employs the act of gently petting her tiger while the fight is still going on as a taunt.

Top 2: Dragunov


The character Dragunov is very hostile. His techniques have good range, allowing him to safely poke opponents from a distance while whiff-punishing them.

But at close range, Dragunov really excels. In order to start persistently pressing his opponents with a variety of throws, pokes, and destructive counter hit attacks, Dragunov will typically try to move in on the opponent or approach with a plus on block running move. Dragunov rounds out his arsenal by doing significant damage in many of his combinations and having the ability to carry opponents all the way to the wall. If the adversary manages to survive that, Dragunov has a number of effective okizeme choices to eliminate them.

Top 3: Jack-7

Jack 7

Jacks have strong pokes and throws that do good damage, but what really sets them apart from their opponents is the absurd range that most of their attacks have. Most of their punishers come at them from a distance.

The robots’ tremendous array of assaults more than makes up for their lack of any discernible evasiveness in their move set and their use of a lot of awkward slow orders. With an arsenal of dependable, decent mids and a few lows ranging from bothersome to lethal, an accomplished Jack will employ good mobility and attack mix-ups to be a terror at medium distances. Its close-range game is slower and riskier, but it also contains the command grab threat, which will obliterate anyone unable to break throws in time.

Top 4: Noctis 


In my opinion, Noctis is one of the best wiff punishers. Punish Deadfist can be launched using his df2. excellent wall carry, damage, and range. Extremely simple execution makes it simple to respond and perform under pressure.

Top 5: Lars


One of the more adaptable and user-friendly fighters in the series is Lars, who is also one of the easiest to learn and utilize. Lars’ fighting style is purely fictitious and not based on any authentic martial art.

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