Tekken 7 best Mixup characters 2024

Hey, I’m Zathong and i will update best mixup character in Tekken 7 are: Fahkumram, Lidia, Kazuya, Nina, Devil Jin. These fighters excel at different kinds of pressure – mind games.

Top 1: Fahkumram  


Fahkrumram has a powerful, complex personality.

He can easily keep aggressive characters at bay with a number of keep-out attacks and has a confident neutral game with a variety of powerful pokes that he can use from a respectable range.

Fahkumram has many charge attacks that are specific to him; they let opponents off guard and can set up deadly wall combinations. Fahkrumram’s game plan frequently entails forcing opponents into the wall, limiting their movement, and placing them in a situation where they must contend with his scary pokes, command grabs that can result in wall splats, and guard breaks.

Top 2: Lidia


Nearly all of her strategies revolve around playing aggressively and applying pressure to her opponents. Many of her finest alternatives, meanwhile, run the risk of being halted or even launched. As a result, Lidia must change up her strategy or use numerous harmful parry alternatives to make her opponents respect her buttons.

Top 3: Kazuya


He has a move set that emphasizes strong single attacks, yet even so, he can do a lot of raw damage with them. Kazuya mainly relies on punishing opponents with blocks rather than using surprises to get the most out of his attacks. The fact that Kazuya has one of, if not the strongest, punishers in every game in which he plays is actually his greatest strength. Overall, he works best as a defensive character, so if you want to play him for a while, you’ll need to get a handle on your timing.

Despite his need on precise timing and a strong defense, Kazuya is a formidable force of steady aggressiveness in the hands of an experienced player. A flawless cadence of blocks, sidesteps, and dodges makes Kazuya’s assault practically unstoppable. Stuns must be used cleverly in this situation, which is a risky tactic that demands a lot of audacity from the player.

Top 4: Nina


Nina is a fiercely competitive character that excels at rushing down opponents and applying constant pressure by canceling her pokes into other moves, which unleashes a barrage of attacks.

Experienced Nina players will stick with their opponent and slowly drain their health while waiting for a chance to unleash a counter-hit launcher, even though it can be quite risky. Nina mostly plays it safe and sensible when she is defending, waiting for an opportunity to either punish her opponent or move into her best range.

Top 5: Devil Jin

Devil Jin
Devil Jin

Since Devil Jin is a very well-rounded character, he can adapt to any circumstance with ease and gives players a chance to play to their own strengths. Devil Jin’s kit more than makes up for the fact that his mix-ups are generally less frightening than those of his father and that his mids collection lacks truly terrifying choices. Devil Jin does an excellent job of dominating the space and keeping opponents where he wants them thanks to his fluid mobility, wavedash in the Mishima style, and powerful ranged techniques. Good Devil Jin players can additionally compensate for his weakness to sidesteps when approaching with wavedashes by realigning with wavedashes and then executing their preferred follow-up.

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