Tekken 7 best Grappling characters 2024

Hey, I’m Zathong and i will update best grappling character in Tekken 7 are: Gigas, Nina, Marduk, Eddy, Anna.

Top 1: Gigas


Gigas’s range and extremely potent, albeit hazardous punishment are two of his defining characteristics. Gigas’ long arms make it simple for him to control spacing and keep opponents at bay. This deters opponents from whiffing because doing so would result in a costly penalty. His particular power crush helps with this. Even though it does no damage, Gigas is able to withstand his opponent’s strike and punish them even when it would not normally be possible, making it a serious threat to characters with strong offenses.

Gigas has decent, safe on block approach tools and counter hit moves when going on the attack himself, which deters his opponents from pushing carelessly. Gigas has multiple moves that may be charged up for significant frame advantage and give him a strong mix-up, thus battling him patiently would be a mistake.

Top 2: Nina


Nina is a fiercely competitive character that excels at rushing down opponents and applying constant pressure by canceling her pokes into other moves, which unleashes a barrage of attacks.

Experienced Nina players will stick with their opponent and slowly drain their health while waiting for a chance to unleash a counter-hit launcher, even though it can be quite risky. Nina mostly plays it safe and sensible when she is defending, waiting for an opportunity to either punish her opponent or move into her best range.

Top 3: Marduk


Like Miguel, Marduk appears to not have a particular combat technique and is more accustomed to brawling. However, he may be seen using techniques like leg locks, throws, and takedowns, which are all drawn from wrestling. As the name implies, Marduk’s signature mount attack involves him tackling his opponent to the ground and using mixed martial arts-style methods to severely beat them into submission. Since it is not prohibited, as it is in most other fighting sports, the method he can tackle the opponent by the legs is also a frequently used maneuver in Vale Tudo.

Top 4: Eddy


Eddy is an extremely unconventional character with a completely original moveset that accurately embodies the capoeira combat technique. Eddy’s horizontal movement is some of the best, allowing him to make the most of his long-range techniques and spread out his opponents, especially on infinite levels, despite the fact that his sidesteps are rather ineffective. Eddy can also be an extremely difficult foe to combat since he uses a number of postures and moves to deflect enemy strikes and open up opportunities for destructive combos. Eddy can get away with taking relatively little damage because few opponents can effectively launch or punish his negative stance, which makes it even better for him.

Top 5: Anna


Anna is a really nuanced person. Her Chaos Judgement posture, which can be used both offensively with mix-ups and powerful moves as well as defensively by automatically countering throws and low attacks if timed correctly, is one of her most distinctive features.

Anna also excels at okizeme choices and pressure; she loves to be unpredictable, build momentum, and take the upper hand wherever possible. When it comes to conditioning her opponent and getting them to respect her buttons, Anna has a strong arsenal because to her effective counter hit launchers, whiff punish attacks, and full-crouch mixups.

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