Swain Voice Lines English/Japanese/Korean – [League of Legends]

Hey, I’m Zathong and i will share Swain voice lines in League of Legends by English/Japanese/Korean. Let’s just get into the details below!


Swain Voice Lines English

Pick“Fear the power you do not see.”
Ban“Do not confuse cowardice for wisdom.”
Moving“Tell me again all the crimes I’ve committed, and I’ll tell you the price of victory.”
The war is on. Do not overlook it.
“With my mouth than with my own hands, I have slain more men. Not without making an effort.”
“Destiny marches, like any man.”
“The more they try to kill me the more they reveal I am on the right path.”
“To redraw the map, the blood of soldiers must be the ink.”
“A decision is always available. The truth is no different.”
“A new vantage, is all the advantage I need.”
“I suppose I should be grateful they have the decency to fear me.”
“A Noxian knows who he is, and what he must do.”
“The old injuries hurt. They serve as prompts.”
Decisions have repercussions. I am completely aware of this.
“They anticipate fair play from me. Even our games are not the same.”
“Hmm… I do so enjoy explaining things to idiots.”
I could eliminate them all. But proving my innocence to them would be far crueler.
“Never make a bargain with a demon that you intend to keep.”
“One can read the future in battle lines, assuming one can read.”
“They are five steps from realizing: I am ten steps ahead.”
“I am a patrician by birth. I joined the military.”
“Would they even struggle to survive, if they knew what was to come?”
“I peer through the darkness others fear.”
“When their lives flash before their eyes, so do their secrets.”
“A riddle wrapped in a mystery, hidden within us all.”
“It is not the visions that haunt me, but what I do not see.”
“A calculated risk is no risk at all.”
“Is it not enough for Noxus to be strong?”
“I cannot lead if I allow fools to stumble about before me.”
“They are blind to the cold logic of this world.”
“What is one more demon, when I already have so many?”
“The mud on our boots will hide the bloodstains.”
“The few for the many.”
I’ve heard the names they use for me. Such a waste of their parting remarks.
“In the darkness, a voice murmurs. although few people can hear it.”
“The shadows of our empire, are cast by a raven’s wings.”
“After the battle, the ravens feast.”
“They falter before my dragons.”
“Fearing the future is a prudent move. The property is theirs.”
Taunt“Every day I rule, Noxus becomes a more perfect expression of my will.”
“The demon is always in the details.”
“I would not ask of anyone what I would not do myself.”
“There can be no unity without purpose, and there is one all men are born to.”
Joke“I have to know who has a crush on whom.”
“Which one of you is Beatrice again?”
“Caw, caw, caw, caw. There, are you happy with that?”
“My birds are hungry.”
“I’ll eat your soul myself.”
Attack“A petty squabble for pettier men.”
“Diplomacy is a subtle art.”
“Do not try my patience.”
“Empire above all.”
To think that they referred to me as a “cripple.””
“You lack discipline.”
“The ends of war are death.”
“How tedious.”
“A conquered nation is a loyal one.”
“Incompetence surrounds me.”
“Strength is the only teacher.”
“We must remind them of their place.”
“The right to rule, held, in my hand.”
“This is the least of my crimes.”
“If you insist on dying.”
“Sacrifices must be made.”
“Weak of body; weak of mind.”
“You dare oppose Noxus?”
“Pity stays the hand of the merciful, but not mine.”
“I will not tolerate interference.”
“Try to die with dignity.”
“This will be my offering.”
“You would do well to die before my ravens find you.”
“Know when to die!”

Swain Voice Lines Japanese

Swain Voice Lines Korean

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