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Sucrose Voice Lines English/Chinese/Japanese/Korean– [Genshin Impact]

Hey, I’m Zathong and i will share Sucrose voice lines in Genshin Impact by English/Chinese/Japanese/Korean. Let’s just get into the details below!

Sucrose Voice Lines English

Listen voice in here:

HelloI’m Sucrose, a researcher of alchemy. I heard you’ve been to a lot of places, so I was wondering if you… Ah, what am I saying! It’s only our first meeting, I shouldn’t trouble you. But… If you’re willing, I’d love to hear any stories you have about your adventures. I’d… really like that.
Chat: CuriosityWhat was that? Oh… It’s gone. Can I go take a look?
Chat: OrganizationI just need a moment to quickly take down some notes.
Chat: Deep BreathsAhhh! I haven’t been out in a while.
When the Wind Is BlowingThe windmills are spinning faster than usual today. Hey, do you think if an animal put a propeller on its back and started running… Do you think the propeller would make it run faster? Or even, fly?
When It SnowsSnow this big only falls a few times a year. If I miss it, I’ll have to wait until next year to run my experiments, so please give me some space. Ah-Ahchooo! …Yes, I know, I should wear more layers…
When the Sun Is OutTh-The sun is already out? Oh, ah, okay! Just one last experiment, and then we can get some rest. Last one, I promise…
When It RainsHumidity levels are increasing… Think we could run some tests?
Good MorningGood morning. Did you sleep well? According to research, not getting a good night’s sleep can have detrimental effects on your cognition and stamina. What? I’m always up working through the night? Yeah, I know… Can’t be helped I guess…
Good AfternoonWaaaaa! No, stay back, don’t come over here! No, no, it’s nothing personal — it’s just that this experiment is highly volatile and might cause an explosion.
Good EveningGood evening. Please wait a moment. Experiment 905 has actually produced two light excretions, which, for clarity’s sake, should be labeled No. 1033 and 1035 respectively…
Right, now, what did you need me for?
Good NightNo need to wait up for me. Please, get some sleep.
Something bothering you? Oh, don’t worry about me — I’m right at the end of my experiment. I promise you I won’t stay up late again…

Sucrose Voice Lines Chinese

Listen voice in here:

闲聊・好奇(Chat: Curiosity)那是什么?啊…不见了,我可以去看看吗!
闲聊・整理(Chat: Organization)趁现在,赶快整理一下研究笔记…
闲聊・深呼吸(Chat: Deep Breaths)嗯——!好久没出来透气了。
刮大风了…(When the Wind Is Blowing)今天城里的风车,转得好快。欸,你说,如果在小动物背上,也装一个像风车一样的东西,会让它们跑得更快呢,还是会飞起来呢?
下雪的时候…(When It Snows)这么大的雪,一年都没有几次,错过了,想研究就要等明年了,所以就别拦我啦。啊…阿嚏!呃…我知道了,我多穿一点…
阳光很好…(When the Sun Is Out)天…天已经亮了?!那、那再做最后一次实验吧,做完就休息!嗯,最后一次…
下雨的时候…(When It Rains)湿度上升,嗯…要不要再加一组实验呢?
早上好…(Good Morning)早上好,昨晚睡得还好吗?研究表明,只有睡眠充足,第二天的精神才会好,而且,脑袋的运转也会更高效哦。欸…什么?我总是熬夜?那个…唔,没办法嘛。
中午好…(Good Afternoon)呜哇!别、别过来!啊…不是,我的意思是,不要靠得太近,我在做实验,这个…可能会爆炸的。
晚上好…(Good Evening)晚上好,啊…请稍等一下!「实验体玖零伍式」的光照分泌物其实有两种,为了明确区分,就叫「壹零叁叁式」和「壹零叁伍式」…嗯,好了,请问有什么事情要找我吗?
晚安…(Good Night)不用等我,先去休息吧。唔…有这么不放心吗?实验已经在收尾了,不会熬夜的,真的…

Sucrose Voice Lines Japanese

Listen voice in here:

世間話・気になること(Chat: Curiosity)あれはなに?えっ…消えた、ちょっと見てきていい?Are wa nani? E’… Kieta, chotto mite kite ii?
世間話・整理(Chat: Organization)今のうちに、急いで研究ノートの整理を…
世間話・深呼吸(Chat: Deep Breaths)うん——!外の空気は久々。
暴風の日…(When the Wind Is Blowing)今日は町の風車がすごいスピードで回ってる。ねえねえ、もし小動物の背中に風車みたいな装置を取り付けたら、小動物はより早く走れるようになると思う?それとも、飛べるようになるかな?
雪の日…(When It Snows)こんな大雪の日は年に数回しかない。もしこれを見逃したら、また来年を待たないと。だから研究するなら今のうち、止めないで!ク…クシュン!分かったよ、もう1枚着るから…
晴れの日…(When the Sun Is Out)もっ、もう朝?!じゃあ、最後にもう一回だけ実験を。これが終わったら休むから!うん、最後の1回だけ…
雨の日…(When It Rains)湿度上昇、うん…実験をもう1セット増やそうかな?
おはよう…(Good Morning)おはよう、昨日はちゃんと寝れた?研究データによると、良い睡眠は翌日のパフォーマンスに繋がるって言われてる。しかも頭の回転も良くなるらしいよ。うん?私はいつも徹夜してるって?えっと…うん、仕方ないよね。
こんにちは…(Good Afternoon)ああああ!こ、来ないで!あ、いや、えっと、近づかないでください。実験中だから。これ、爆発するかもしれないの。
こんばんは…(Good Evening)こんばんは、ちょっと待って!「実験体九〇五式」の光照射分泌物が二種類。明確に区分けするために、それぞれ「一〇三三式」と「一〇三五式」と名付けようか…うん、もう大丈夫、えっと、私に何か用?
おやすみ…(Good Night)私なら大丈夫、先に休んでいいよ。えっと…そんなに心配?実験ならすぐ終わるから徹夜しないよ、本当だって…

Sucrose Voice Lines Korean

Listen voice in here:

첫 만남…(Hello)전 연금술을… 연구하는 설탕이라고 해요. 당신은 수많은 곳에 가봤으니 분명… 아, 아무것도 아니에요. 초면에 실례지만, 혹시 괜찮다면… 그… 여행 중에 있었던 일화를 들려줄 수 있을까요? 그럼… 기분이 좋아질 것 같은데
잡담・호기심(Chat: Curiosity)저게 뭐지? 아… 사라졌네. 가서 보고와도 될까요?!
잡담・정리(Chat: Organization)지금처럼 시간 있을 때 얼른 연구 노트를 정리해야지…
잡담・심호흡(Chat: Deep Breaths)휴——! 바람 쐬러 나온 것도 오랜만이네
강풍이 불 때…(When the Wind Is Blowing)오늘은 풍차가 엄청 빨리 도네. 흠, 만약에 동물의 등에 풍차 같은 걸 달면 동물이 더 빨리 달릴 수 있을까? 아니면 아예 날 수 있으려나?
눈이 올 때…(When It Snows)이렇게 많은 눈을 볼 수 있는 기회는 흔치 않아요. 놓치면 내년에야 연구할 수 있으니까 말리지 말라구요. 에… 에취! 알았어요, 옷을 좀 두껍게 입을게요…
햇살이 좋을 때…(When the Sun Is Out)…날이 벌써 밝은 거예요? 그, 그럼 마지막 실험 딱 한 번만 더하고 쉴게요! 음, 진짜 마지막이에요…
비가 올 때…(When It Rains)습도가 높아졌네. 흠… 실험을 하나 더 해볼까?
아침 인사…(Good Morning)좋은 아침. 잘 잤어요? 연구 결과에 따르면, 잠을 충분히 자야지만 다음날 기분이 상쾌해지고 두뇌 활동도 더 원활해진대요. 뭐라구요? 전 항상 밤을 새우지 않냐고요? 그건… 음, 어쩔 수 없는걸요
점심 인사…(Good Afternoon)으아아아! 오, 오지 마요! 아… 아니, 제 말은 너무 가까이 오지 말라고요. 지금 실험 중이라… 이게 폭발할 수도 있어요
저녁 인사…(Good Evening)안녕하세요. 잠시만요! 「실험체 구공오식」의 광조 분비물은 사실 2종류다. 정확한 구분을 위해 「일공삼삼식」과 「일공삼오식」이라고 부른다…. 음, 됐다. 저한테 무슨 볼일 있어요?
굿나잇…(Good Night)전 안 기다려도 돼요. 어서 가서 쉬어요. 음… 그렇게 걱정돼요? 거의 다 끝났으니까 밤은 안 샐 거예요. 정말이에요…

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