Smite Ullr Voice Lines and Voice Actors

Hey, I’m Zathong and i will share Ullr Voice Lines and Voice Actors in Smite by English. Let’s just get into the details below!

Ullr’s Voice Lines

Introduction“Our enemies draw near, I will track them down!”
“Glory be to mine allies!”
“Today glory will be ours!”
“The hunt is on!”
Abilities(1) Bladed Arrow (Thrown Axe)
“Fly, swift arrow!”
“Fly true!”
“My arrow will find you!”
“Pierce like the chill of winter!”
“Sting like ice!”
“Take this!”
“Not so fast!”
(2) Expose Weakness (Invigorate)
“I’ve got you in my sights!”
“I see you!”
“You will Not evade me!”
“I’ll aim for the heart to make it quick!”
“Take Aim!”
“Take this!”
“Battle always rejuvinates me!”
“We fight with honor!”
“I fight with honor!”
“To battle!”
“Let’s end this!”
(3) Hail of Arrows (Glory Bound)
“I’ve got you right where I want you!”
“You’ve walked right into my trap!”
“This one has your name on it!”
“That one had your name on it!”
“I’m off!”
“Come back here!”
(4) Wield Axes (Wield Bow)
“I will hunt you down!”
“Let’s finish this!”
“Let’s end this!”
“I will end this quickly!”
“I’ll do you a favor and make this quick!”
“Don’t worry, I’ll put you down swiftly!”
“I will ends this honorably!”
“You cannot escape!”
“I will shoot you down!”
“My bow will be my guide!”
“The hunt is on!”
“You can’t outrun my bow!”
KillWhen in a Killstreak
“I’m unstoppable!”
When killing a Jungle Boss
“Glory to us all!”
“A glorious victory!”
“That was no small game!”
“My greatest catch yet!”
When destroying a Tower
“The battle sways in our favor!”
“Victory will soon be ours!”
“A great victory for us!”
Death“I go… with… honor…”
“Like winter… I shall return again.”
“To fall in battle… is an honor…”
“It’s… so cold…”
Taunts“Have you no honor?!”
“You dishonor your clan!”
“Fight me with honor!”
“Your defeat will be a glorious one!”
“When the cold closes in around you, where will you hide?”
“Like the winter, you cannot run from me!”
“My bow and blades will find you!”
“I have an arrow with your name on it!”
“I came to bury the hatchet… but I may bury you instead!”
“I came to bury the hatchet… In you!”
Jokes“Axe, and you shall receive!”
“I’ve got an Axe to grind with you!”
“Let me Axe you a question!”
“You have my sword, and my bow, and my AXE!”
“I used to know an adventurer like you, until I shot an arrow in his knee!”
“Somebody needs to CHILL!”

Ullr’s Voice Actors

Bill Jenkins is the voice of Ullr in SMITE.

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