Smite Tsukuyomi Voice Lines and Voice Actors

Hey, I’m Zathong and i will share Tsukuyomi Voice Lines and Voice Actors in Smite by English. Let’s just get into the details below!

Tsukuyomi’s Voice Lines

Introduction“Miscreants. They trample order, spitting in the face of proper decorum. I will not sully the moon to shine on them any longer.”
“This world has become corrupted, descending towards madness. Now, more than ever, my divine rule must be enforced!”
Abilities(1) Dark Moon Shuriken
“Shingetsu! Strike!”
“This won’t miss!”
(3) Silver Moon Caltrops
“Mangetsu, burn bright!”
“Watch your step…”
(4) Piercing Moonlight
“The moon will purify this land!”
“I am divinity! Fall before me!”
KillWhen in a Killstreak
“I will not cease!!!”
“Standing before me is the short trip to the afterlife!”
When killing a Jungle Boss
“Savagery has been eliminated.”
“With that threat taken care of, it is time to get to work!”
When destroying a Tower
“Even stone knows not to oppose me.”
“Evil can not hide behind walls. I will not be stopped!”
Death“I.. lost?”
“But I am o-, order.”
Taunts“Even in the darkest night, my blades can sense your arrogance.”
“If you grovel now, I may spare you.”
“My will is the only will that matters. Your petty goals will bend to me.”
“You believe your cause is just, but your actions lead to devastation.”
“Disrespect me and end up like Ukemochi.”
Jokes“I used to be a food critic. I gave some killer reviews.”
“The moon is my home. It could be yours too, if it wasn’t full.”
“Shingetsu and Mangetsu represent all aspects of the moon. Empowered by my might to exact my justice. Too edgy you say? How else are they suppose to cut?”

Tsukuyomi’s Voice Actors

Bill Millsap is the voice of Tsukuyomi in SMITE.

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