Smite Ratatoskr Voice Lines and Voice Actors

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Ratatoskr’s Voice Lines

Introduction“I am Ratatoskr, lord of creation, maker of all living things and destroyer of the winds of fate!”
“I’m here to crack nuts and pick flowers and I’m all outta flowers!”
Abilities(2) Flurry
“Come ‘ere!”
“Where’ you going?”
“Take that!”
(3) Acorn Blast
“Got nuts?”
“Hey, catch!”
(4) Through the Cosmos
“Ooh, that is it!”
“Look out below!”
“On the way!”
“I’ll snap you like a twig!”
KillWhen in a Killstreak
“Size isn’t everything! Pffhehehe.”
“I’ll snap you like a twig!”
When killing a Jungle Boss
“The bigger they are, the faster they fall!”
“Eh… It’ll make great soil!”
When destroying a Tower
“Yeah! Take it, take it!”
Death“This battle is stupid!”
“Put me down! Let me gooo!”
“Cut down in my prime!”
Taunts“I love how you’re not obsessed with doing well.” (Unused)
“Wow, you’re strong like an ogre!.. when it’s a baby!”
“Oh! You are not nearly as ugly as everyone said!” (Unused)
“Look at you, gliding across the grass like a gentle mist… dragging an anchor.” (Unused)
“I’m warning you: I’ve got huge, sharp… teeth, and big racking… uh… Bah!” (Unused)
“Wow, I… would never have guessed you were an actual god!”
“Hey! Keep your eyes off my nuts!”
“Whoa! You must have hit every branch falling off the ugly tree!”
Jokes“If you are what you eat, then I must be nuts!”
“I’m no ordinary squirrel! I’m the most feared, powerful, heroic creature of all time! Everyone says so.”
“I once beat Thor at arm wrestling! Really, ask him! …Also, he said he doesn’t like you.”
“You know what I say to everyone who tries to gank me? Leaf me alone, birch!”

Ratatoskr’s Voice Actors

Holly Franklin is the voice of Ratatoskr in SMITE.

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