Smite Eset (isis) Voice Lines and Voice Actors

Hey, I’m Zathong and i will share Eset Voice Lines and Voice Actors in Smite by English. Let’s just get into the details below!

Eset’s Voice Lines

Listen here:

Introduction“sigh Let’s get started.
“Evil doesn’t stand a chance!”
“Come friends, I will protect you!”
“I was just flying past and thought I’d drop by!”
“Let’s show them the power of magic!”
Abilities(1) Wing Gust
“Get back!”
“Stay back!”
“Feel my wrath!”
“Fly you fools!” (Never used) 
“I’ll blow you away!” (Never used) 
“Get the flock out of here!” (Unused)
(2) Spirit Ball
“Dodge this!”
“Take this!” (Never used) 
“Coming at you!”
“Spirit energy, go forth!” (Unused)
(3) Dispel Magic
“Quiet you!” (Unused) “Silence!”
“Enough talk!” (Unused) 
“Your powers are mine!”
“Speak up, I can’t hear you!” (Unused)
(4) Circle of Protection
“Come into the light!”
“Step into the light!” (Never used)
“Come to me!” (Unused) 
“I’ll look out for us!”
“I’ll protect us!” (Never used)
“Step into the circle!” (Unused)
“Seek shelter!”
Movement“Fly forth allies!”
“Up, up and away!”
“To battle!”
“Stay in formation, preferably V formation!”
Kill“Bow before me!” when in a Killstreak.”
“Your dead belong to me!”
“We have vanquished a great foe!” is said after fighting a jungle boss.
“Kneel before me, foul creature!”
“Marvelous!” when a tower is destroyed.
“Their defenses are weakening!”
Death“I’m fried!”
“I’m cooked! Ugh…”
“Fowl… play!”
“I suspect fowl play!”
Cluck” (Unused)
“Nooo! Take care… of my eggs!” (Unused)
Taunts“What are you, chicken?”
“Kaaaah!” (Unused) 
“You couldn’t even kill one bird with two stones!” (Unused) 
“These wings are much too hot for you!” (Never used) 
“You enjoy spicy wings? The hottest are mine.
“I observe the dead… You appear to be the next.
“Don’t worry, I want your teammates to suspect fowl play!” (Never used)
“The earliest bird wins!” (Unused) 
“I would flip you the bird but I don’t do acrobatics!” (Unused) 
“Call me a chicken, but you’re the one who’s scared!” (Unused)
“I’m not a chicken, you’re the one who’s scared!” (Unused)
Jokes“I had my wings clipped once, it really was a downer.” (Unused)
“My measurements are 34-24-34, but it’s my 10 foot wingspan that really drives the guys wild!”
You may have heard? “Bird is the key.”
The chicken crossed the lane, but why? To gank on the opposing team!”
“I came before the chicken and the egg!”
“Err… Oops! The egg I just laid, I believe. (Unused)
“I don’t like the way Bastet looks at me, I swear I even saw her lick her lips once!” (Unused)
“My little Horus gets so embarrassed when I feed him in public!” (Unused)
“Do these wings make me look fat?” (Unused) 
“My staff is bigger than yours!” (Never used) 
“Fly the friendly skies!”
“I love to fly, and it shows!” (Unused) 
“Slowball gives you wings!” (Unused) 
“Have any of you even seen a chicken?!”
” Why do birds migrate south for the winter? Because walking would take too long. (Unused) 
“A bird in the lane is worth two in the jungle!” (Unused)
“I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky!” (Unused) 
“I am the wind beneath your wings!”(Unused)
“All of this fighting is for the birds!”(Unused) 
“I think it’s balanced!”(Unused)
“My wing buffet brings the boys to the yard!” (Unused)
“I consider it day and night, stretch my wings, and take flight! See me rushing through that open door? I think I can fly!”
“I firmly believe I am capable of flight. I think I’m able to fly. Many thanks; I’ll be here all week. Heh.” (Unused)

Eset’s Voice Actors

Caitlin Glass is the voice of Eset in SMITE.

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