Smite Chiron Voice Lines and Voice Actors

Hey, I’m Zathong and i will share Chiron Voice Lines and Voice Actors in Smite by English. Let’s just get into the details below!

Chiron’s Voice Lines

Introduction“Ready to join the ranks of Asclepius, Hercules, and the Argonauts!”
“With your skill and my knowledge, victory is assured!”
Abilities(1) Training Exercise
“You only hit what you aim at.”
“Final lesson!”
“Draw not unless your arrow be fixed upon a target!”
(2) Masterful Shot
“Shortest path between a bow and a target? My arrow!”
“Great archers are known not by their arrows, but their aim.”
(3) Giddyup!
“Look out behind! Hyaa!”
“Mind your footing! Hyaa!”
“And barreling down the left lane is Chiron, in the lead by a mile!”
“You’ll never keep up, find a better tactic!”
(4) Centaurus
“Can’t aim forever! Never hit until you let go!”
“Aim for the moon. Even if you miss, you could land among the stars.”
“Relax. Draw. Breathe. Release.”
KillWhen in a Killstreak
“I’m taking you to school!”
“No more horsing around!”
When killing a Jungle Boss
“Still trying to be the centaur of attention I see.”
“Magnificent creature. We honor your sacrifice.”
When destroying a Tower
“It seems my sticks have broken your stones, eh?”
“You’ll never survive a siege leaving archers unchecked!”
Death“Ugh! Death lasts but for a moment, legends are eternal!”
“Not even all my medicine can save me now.”
Taunts“Winding up to do battle with a superior foe doesn’t make you brave, it makes you stupid.”
“Everyone wants to be the next hero. Very well then. Come on, let’s get this over with.”
Sigh After I win, I’ll just be waiting around for the next youngster thirsting to carve a reputation out of my hide. Pointless.”
“I’ve got a lesson for you: Lay on.”
“Who taught you to fight? Your horse’s- Oh. Nevermind.”
Jokes“What do you call a centaur’s hair? His hu-mane.”
“Centaur walks into a bar, bartender says, ‘Why the average-length face?'”
“What did the unicorn say to the centaur? Nothing. Unicorns don’t exist.”

Chiron’s Voice Actors

Phil Parsons is the voice of Chiron in SMITE.

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