Smite Chang’e Voice Lines and Voice Actors

Hey, I’m Zathong and i will share Chang’e Voice Lines and Voice Actors in Smite by English. Let’s just get into the details below!


Chang’e’s Voice Lines

Listen here:

IntroductionRabbit: “You can dance if you want to!”
Rabbit: “Not late to the party, are we?”
Rabbit: “Look inside yourself and you’ll see a tiny dancer!”
(Passive) Jade Rabbit
When going to the store
Rabbit: “Yes, yes! I’m on it…”
Rabbit: “Oh yes, sure thing ma’am!”
Rabbit: “Yes, yes, sure thing ma’am!.. Yes, why don’t I just pick up the whole house while I’m at it…”
Rabbit: “Oh, sure thing! Why don’t I just tend to the garden, polish the silver and prepare a sandwich while I’m at it…”
Rabbit: “Oh I’ll get you a present alright…”
While en route
Rabbit: “I knew I should have taken that left at Albuquerque…”
Rabbit: “What do you mean you’re too busy? Don’t you think I’m busy?! I’ve got elixirs of the gods to make here.”
Rabbit: “I think it was this way but I never can really quite remember…”
Rabbit: “Keep saying you got to move on girl, that Hou Yi ain’t waiting around…”
Rabbit: “Give her a piece of my mind…”
Rabbit: “mumbling and grumbling
Rabbit: “mumbling and grumbling
Rabbit: “mumbling and grumbling
Rabbit: “mumbling and grumbling
When back from the store
Rabbit: “I’m late, I’m late! For an extremely critical appointment.”
Rabbit: “I’m back m’lady! Anything else?”
Rabbit: “Special… delivery.”
Rabbit: “A gift just for you!”
(1) Crescent Moon Dance
Rabbit: “Slice!”
Rabbit: “Get served!”
(2) Moonlit Waltz
Rabbit: “Catch her, if you can!”
Rabbit: “Sick moves!”
(3) Moonflower Dance
Rabbit: “A beautiful dance!”
Rabbit: “A beautiful flourish!”
Rabbit: “Glorious!”
(4) Waxing Moon
Rabbit: “She’s just… stunning!”
Rabbit: “Try to look away!”
MovementRabbit: “To the moon!.. Oh, no wait! Sorry, no. Anywhere but there.”
Rabbit: “Let’s go!”
Rabbit: “Come on! Pick up the pace!”
KillWhen in a Killstreak
Rabbit: “She’s a dance machine!”
Rabbit: “Who else wants some of this?!”
When killing a Jungle Boss
Rabbit: “Simply marvelous!”
Rabbit: “The moon is full, now is the time to strike!”
When destroying a Tower
Rabbit: “The light shines forth!”
Rabbit: “There is hope for our battle!”
DeathRabbit: “Quick! Drink some of this!”
Rabbit: “Oh no! Hang in there, girl!”
Rabbit: “We gotta get you back on your feet!”
Rabbit: “No! Not like this!”
TauntsRabbit: “I am the most foul, cruel and bad tempered rodent you’ve ever set eyes upon!.. Oh, her? Yes, well… she’s with me.”
Rabbit: “What’s that?! You keep a rabbit’s foot for good luck?! Well, that’s just sick! Take a lesson from my girl; she keeps the whole rabbit!”
Rabbit: “The hare always wins! Right guys?”
Chang’e: “Ah?”
Chang’e: “Ah?”
JokesRabbit: “I’m not behind the rabbit. I am the rabbit!”
Rabbit: “How do you catch a unique rabbit? You-nique up on it!”
Rabbit: “Feeling kind of naughty? I think I’m having a bad hare day! Heheh heheheheh.”
Chang’e: “Hah!”
Chang’e: “Ahahah.”
Chang’e: “Ah!”

Chang’e’s Voice Actors

Chang’e: Trina Nishimura
Jade Rabbit: Ric Spiegel is the voice of Chang’e in SMITE.

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