Ryze Voice Lines English/Japanese/Korean – [League of Legends]

Hey, I’m Zathong and i will share Ryze voice lines in League of Legends by English/Japanese/Korean. Let’s just get into the details below!


Ryze Voice Lines English

Pick“A step ahead of cataclysm.”
Moving“These runes are not for eyes such as yours.”
“They know so little of the world they traverse.”
“Runeterrans, ah. So cute, yet so dumb.”
“I work by myself. My company drains me.”
“What is on your back? That is not a matter for you.”
“Knowledge is a real weapon.”
“Every rune I find is another day we live.”
“Blessing or curse, what’s the difference?”
“They have forgotten the fires that forged this world.”
“Do you know what I might need? An ale.”
“They ask to see my scroll, I guess. They’ll read it for the last time.”
“I could tell you what’s on this scroll, but then I’d have to obliterate you.”
“The wise seek to contain power.”
“I dream in nightmares of the past.”
“None are worthy of my task… even me.”
Everybody is destined to repeat the past. Here’s where I step in.
“I’ve heard entire nations go silent.”
“I may fail, but I won’t quit.”
“Trust no-one, especially those who seek power.”
“Just once I’d like a good night’s sleep.”
“Their minds couldn’t handle what my eyes have seen.”
“I have concern for these people. I maintain a distance from them as a result.”
“In an instant, all could be gone.”
“I long for the day when this is all over.”
“Some stones are best left unturned.”
“Everyone wants to chat when you’re busy saving the world.”
“Terrible things are afoot.”
What do you think I miss? remaining still.
“All that binds this world is will.”
“Magic dooms us… but perhaps it can save us.”
“Do not stroll through the past. Run.”
“Power changes everyone.”
“One can only hold all this power for so long.”
“If I had a rune for every mile I’ve run, I’d be done running.”
“Want to lend a hand? Leave the path open.”
“I remember when only one world weighed on my shoulders.”
“When I’ve found them all, I’ll fade away.”
“If I fall, the scroll must be destroyed.”
“I fight so they don’t have to.”
“Roast duck, warm fire… someday.”
“Quickly but carefully.”
“The runes decide my path.”
“My tale? It would take forever to tell that.”
“Consider yourself lucky for the days you have.”
“Take care with this world.”
“Fast and lean, that’s how I travel.”
“Civilization, ah. I recall being a part of it back then.”
“No time to talk.”
“I like my tragedy narrowly averted.”
“All this would be so much easier if I didn’t give a damn.”
Taunt“Hm. Things far worse than you are after me.”
“I’m no doctor, but I think there’s a spell for what you have.”
“To be uninformed is to be liberated. You must be incredibly uninhibited.”
“If I had a tattoo that looked like you, I’d get it removed.”
“There’s gonna be two sounds – me hitting you, and you disintegrating.”
Joke“What? You desire to witness a magic trick. Fine, done.”
“Here’s a magic trick, all right. Tada.”
Attack“Keep your distance.”
“I deciphered the runes. You fail.”
“Blood will spill.”
“Makers guide me!”
“They come for the scroll.”
“Time dwindles.”
“Are you following me?”
“You know nothing of loss.”
“I am just a vessel.”
“A fine edge you dance on.”
“By will.”
“I don’t have time for this!”
“If you insist.”
“This ends badly.”
“This might burn.”
“Hands off the runes.”
“They have no idea.”
“Leave now.”
“Ah, the hard way.”
“Stay back.”
“You’ve got nothing.”
“You won’t win this.”
“Last chance.”
“Let’s have it, then.”

Ryze Voice Lines Japanese

Ryze Voice Lines Korean

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