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Rise Of Kingdoms: Best Civilization Tier List 2024

Hey, I’m Zathong and i will update the Rise Of Kingdoms Civilization Tier List. Best Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms early game, mid game and late game, farming, combat…

Civilization Tier List in Rise Of Kingdoms

The Sun Never Sets:
Increase archer attack by 5%;
increase troop training speed by 5%;
increase ally garrison capacity by 20%.
Balance of Yin and Yang:
Increase archer defense by 5%;
increase Hospital capacity by 15%;
increase research speed by 3%.
Eagle of Germany:
Increase cavalry attack by 5%;
increase troop training speed by 5%;
increase action point recovery by 10%.
Increase troop attack by 3%;
increase scout march speed by 30%;
increase resource gathering speed by 5%.
Art of War:
Increase troop defense by 3%;
increase action point recovery by 5%;
increase building speed by 5%.
Increase troop health by 3%;
increase wood gathering speed by 10%;
increase Hospital healing speed by 20%.
Boundless Oasis:
Increase cavalry attack by 5%;
increase damage dealt to barbarians and other neutral units by 10%;
increase damage dealt by rallied armies by 5%.

Gain a 5% increase in archer attack.
5% more damage to gathered troops (flags, forts, cities).
1.5 percent increase in research and building speed.
Realm of the King:
increase archer health by 5%;
increase troop march speed by 5%;
increase active skill damage by 5%.
The Matador:
Increase cavalry defense by 5%;
increase experience gained from barbarians and other neutral units by 10%;
increase resource production by 20%.
Blessing of Odin:
Increase infantry attack by 5%;
increase counterattack damage by 3%;
increase troop load by 10%.
Glory of the Empire:
Increase infantry defense by 5%;
increase troop march speed by 5%;
increase food gathering speed by 10%.
Heavenly Light:
increase cavalry health by 5%;
increase stone gathering speed by 10%;
increase Hospital capacity by 15%.

S Tier


  • Britain is superior to other civilizations in terms of defense, especially as they are able to occupy a greater number of units in their garrisons.


  • The best place to start a civilization is Korea, which allows you to establish an empire more quickly and obtain Tier 5 troops earlier.
  • Because of their higher resistance and quicker action point recovery, all troops are more difficult to kill, which allows you to harvest more barbarians.


  • The best country to play cavalry commanders with is Germany.
  • Quickly regain action points is crucial for rallying and farming barbarians in later games.
  • Faster troop training is crucial in the later stages of the game.

A Tier


  • Japan’s quicker scouting speed makes it ideal for early games.
  • Every trooper increases damage by 3%.
  • Gather resources more quickly to help launch your empire.


  • The best culture to start an empire in is China.
  • More protection makes it tougher for any soldier to perish.
  • Quickly regain action points, which facilitates farming more barbarians.
  • Quicker building speeds enable you to unlock Tier 5 units more quickly.


  • Reduce the amount of resources used to heal wounded soldiers.
  • Obtain wood more quickly, which speeds up building upgrades.


  • Cavalry forces move more quickly and deal greater damage.
  • increases your damage anytime you take the lead in rallies and PvP battles.
  • Ideal culture for late-game aggressive warfare.


  • In Rise of Kingdoms, Egypt is a civilization that is especially advantageous to archer players.

B Tier


  • Increased flexibility to move more quickly.
  • With improved health, archer troops are more durable.
  • Fantastic civilization that significantly increases commanders with high damage.


  • Commanders gain experience at a faster rate because of this.
  • Because of their higher defense value, cavalry troops are less likely to die.
  • Excellent for farming accounts because it produces resources passively.


  • Strong offensive qualities.
  • Extra resource load to steal even more treasure.
  • Fantastic civilization for gamers with a violent streak.


  • Fantastic civilization for resource extraction.
  • Because of their greater defense value, infantry units are far more durable.
  • Soldiers travel more quickly across the map.

C Tier


  • Great for cavalry commanders.
  • Harvest stone faster.

Best Civilization in Rise Of Kingdoms

Best civilization in rise of kingdoms to start are:

  • Britain or Byzantium for PVE/PVP.
  • Rome for PVP.
  • France for Development.

Best civilization in rise of kingdoms early game is: China

Best civilization in rise of kingdoms mid game is: Germany

Best civilization in rise of kingdoms late game is: Korea

Best civilization in rise of kingdoms for resources farming are:

  • France for Joan the Swap and Wood
  • Japan for active farm
  • Spain for passive farm
  • Byzantium for stone
  • Rome for Food

Best civilization in rise of kingdoms for combat are:

  • Germany
  • Britain
  • Korea
  • Arabia
  • Ottoman
  • Byzantium
  • Vikings

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