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Hey, I’m Zathong and i will share Rakan voice lines in League of Legends by English/Japanese/Korean. Let’s just get into the details below!


Rakan Voice Lines English

Listen voice in here:

Pick“Let’s dance.”
Ban“Seriously? Seriously? Lame.”
Moving“Our magic rages. You cannot help but dance to the song.”
“Should I… run? Yes, I really should be running.”
“I see freedom as I look around these forests. The music is audible.”
“Crap. I have no idea why I’m here.”
“I am only as wild as magic.”
“Magic is meant to be terrifying. Love should be painful. Fear is necessary for ecstasy.”
“If you aren’t a little frightened, you ain’t alive.”
“They’ve never seen moves like mine.”
“Magic is a wilderness.”
“Promises were made by people. a lot more than I can recall. They didn’t keep any.”
“People discuss their treaties. We discuss their lies.”
“Our ancestors once danced like flames across the mountains. There are now only the embers.”
“I dance because I’m free!”
“The only way to understand magic is to plunge into it, move with it, dance and dance!”
“I’m getting impatient.”
“Gotta pump myself up, alright… one, two… one, two… woo! Alright!”
“Humans refer to it as a fight. Just a dance, really.”
“I think my allies don’t realize how incredible my cloak is! I’m serious, though! Rude!”
“They will see my dance, then they will know magic’s joy… and its fury.”
“Okay, Rakan, get ’em watching you, then you burn ’em up.”
“I look good, I feel good, let’s kick some ass!”
“I made the appropriate movements, I had the right look… time to prove it!”
“They will remember my name!”
“I’m gonna’ live forever!”
“I’m going to take all they got, then laugh as I throw it away.”
“Since I was born, I’ve been kicked around. It’s okay! It’s alright! “I’m still here!”
“They’ll notice me. They’ll witness my dance.”
“I shall enter. I’m gonna dance. They’ll have a celebration.”
“Name one genius that ain’t crazy.”
“Ha! G to the D, I’m! Oh, boy, golden gems! Woo!”
“I’m just trying to live the moment.”
“I don’t need anything – but the right now.”
In song, Rakan.
“Man, have you seen that forest over there?”
“I have freedom, a woman, and a cause I would die for. I am what I am.”
“Leave nothing behind! Bring it all.
“Time to get it started!”
“I don’t have to comprehend the strategy! I believe in my love.”
“It’s all filthy and dangerous – and that’s why I love it!”
“I miss Xayah.”
“Fun. Fun is what I need. Now.”
“Why is it taking so long to get back to the action?”
This is a revolution. And the times are good.
“I’m offended by how little attention I was given.”
“People assume that you have to be serious about something in order to believe in it. That is their issue.”
“They ain’t ready for what I’m bringing!”
Nothing I say is to be taken seriously, I assure you! It’s true because of it.
Rapping is done by Rakan.
“This appears to be yet another hazardous circumstance. Fortunately, I am able to improvise.”
“They intend to put me to the test. Haha!”
“Danger is as fun as you let it be.”
“I am definitely more confident in dangerous situations.”
Stop talking to yourself, I must. Where are you, Xayah? Damn you.
“Madness is only offered to you in little doses. You can’t let it go.”
“I can’t wait to see what I’m going to do.”
“Wildness can be found in the flowers and bees. It’s merely an anger that humans cannot perceive.”
I’m Vastaya. I was created by magic. My fate is to do this.
“Is my cloak in place? Indeed it is! There for a little while, I was concerned.”
“Magic isn’t supposed to be safe.”
They are terrified of magic and of the dark. They are frightened of my hometown.
“They ain’t seen moves like mine.”
“Magic is what’s wild. I’m merely attending the party.”
“Magic is like fire to humans. It is water and air for us.
I’m here to amuse, ladies and gentlemen! primarily me, but also you!”
“People assert that it is theirs. They barricade us off and cover it with trash.”
“It don’t take a lot of words to tell the truth.”
“Our citizens are in pain. My wife will cure them.”
“I don’t want a world that’s safe.”
“I don’t want a war – but I want to be free.”
“What human’s call magic, we call life.”
I am present! I am completely gone.
“I can’t die looking this good!”
“I am a chronic line-stepper.”
“I dance because I’m free.”
“If Xayah says someone has to die, they die – and they deserved it.”
“Woo! I’m very into this! Describe this.
“If it don’t get out of control, it ain’t a party.”
They underrate my appeal, I believe. What makes that even conceivable?
“I’m so fine, I gotta kiss myself!”
“They think they can catch me.”
“I don’t do safe.”
“The universe loves me.”
They want to put us in cages. We reject.
“I require the pain of love. The world must be terrifying for me. I’m not sorry for that at all! “I feel great!”
“I’m gonna’ burn this place down, then help them build it back up – so I can burn it again!”
“I dance so fine I kill.”
“Xayah? Hey! I wonder where she is. Every time she departs, I loathe it.”
“Without wild magic, we have no children, we have no future.”
“When I feel depressed, I switch to being wonderful. True incident.”
I don’t want to kill the living. They should be able to hear the music.
“The humans will never understand our kind until they hear the song.”
“I’ll get them moving. I’ll make sure they hear.”
Taunt“You know, I ain’t really about making fun of people, but you… make that difficult.”
“I received three rules. By wearing that, you’re breaking two of them.”
“Can we just get started already?”
“Why are you so boring?”
“Man, are you digging this air?”
“Oh, you’re bumming me out.”
“Is… ‘totally bogus’ your thing?”
“So, when you got dressed this morning, was this the look you were going for?”
“This thing called grooming exists. Try it out, please.”
“I’m right here, hey. Can you please be less stiff and dull now?”
Joke“Would you like to inhale it? No, not for you.”
“You wish to inhale it? No flower here for you”
Attack“Let’s get it!”
“I got some moves for you!”
“This is you getting slapped!”
“I’m here to party!”
“Here’s what’s happening!”
“Damn, this is exciting!”
“I’m gonna’ slap all of you!”
“It ain’t a party without a fight!”
“What you looking at?”
“Am I not magnificent?”
“Let’s dance!”
Where are you headed? Where are you headed?
“I got one more thing for you!”
“You gonna’ feel this one!”
“Be silent and live.”
“We will not fade away.”
“Time to go to work!”
“Ain’t gonna slow me down!”
“Dance or die!”
“Let’s get interesting.”
“This is the message!”
“You will see my dance!”
“You will see the dance of death.”
“This is all so intense!”
“I don’t do safe!”
“Woo! You are all stupid creatures.”
“Yep! I’m incredible!”
“I can’t die looking this good!”
“Let’s get it started!”
“I got some moves for ya!”
“I need to get in it!”
“Hey! I have a joke to tell you.”
“I’m right here!”
“Am I not magnificent?”
“I’m gonna’ tear this place up!”
“Oh! I must enter that room immediately.”
“Hey, what did the five fingers say to the face?”
“I feel alright!”
“I’m gonna’ hit ’em!”
“I’m incorrigible!”
“You got something to say?”
“They gonna’ love this!”
“Hello? I’m ready, are you?”
“Hey, the party’s over here!”
“You’re gonna’ get hurt!”
“Who… wants… to dance?”
“Nothing’s fun without risk!”
“You’re gonna’ love this!”
“What you looking at?”
“Look at me now!”
“I’m gonna’ slap all of you!”
“Take notice! Woo!”
“I like parties with a little violence!”
“They’re not prepared! They are not prepared.”
“Challenge accepted!”
I died in her defense! I’ll kill once more for her.
“Time to get started!”
“Hell, let’s do it!”
“Want to see some sweet moves?”
“Look! I’m a hindrance.
“Hey! What’s going on?
“Countdown is on! One, two, they are dead.”
I am present! We can start it now.
“I can be very distracting!”

Rakan Voice Lines Japanese

Listen voice in here:

Rakan Voice Lines Korean

Listen voice in here:

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