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Pokemon Legends Arceus Tier List (June 2024)


Hey, I’m Zathong and i will update the Pokemon Legends Arceus Tier List for 2024, ranks every Pokemon from the least viable to the best.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Tier List

NormalA Pokemon with total stats of 720.
All stats start with a fixed value of 120.
Target an opponent’s weakness with different plates.
Has great coverage against types that dragon types normally can’t handle such as Steel and Fairy.
High base stat total and is well-rounded offensively and defensively.
Steel/DragonExcellent type resistance since Dialga is a Steel and Dragon type.
Origin Forme increases Special Defense with makes it more durable.
Powerful Dragon type moves because of high Special Attack.
Water/DragonHas a great learnset.
Very high base stat total and is well-rounded offensively and defensively.
Its Water and Dragon STAB coverage is unresisted by any Pokemon in the game except Empoleon.
PsychicLunar Blessing heals Cresselia and increases Evasion greatly.
Immune to Ground type moves.
A tanky Pokemon that ensures a stable battle.
A flexible Pokemon due to the variety of move.

Immune to Ground type moves.
High offensive power due to being a Ghost type Pokemon.
Ground/NormalHeadlong Rush is strong and easy to use.
Very high attack power at 140.
Can learn the Fairy type move Play Rough.
Its signature move (Headlong Rush) has a power and accuracy of 100.
AHisuian Goodra
Dragon/SteelExcellent Dragon and Steel typing.
Has a great learnset.
Not good offensively but has a very high special defense.
Fairy/FlyingBest balance of offense and defense among fairy types
DarkHigh Speed and Special Attack.
Excellent Ghost type Pokemon.
Special Attack and Speed are higher than in Therian Forme.
Immune to Ground and Electric type moves.
Electric/FlyingHigh Special Attack.
Not effective against Ground types.
Easy to use because of its high Speed.

High attack and special defense.
One of the best Water-type Pokemon.
Fairy/FlyingFairy and Flying type is very good combo for Pokemon.
Note that Enamorus has low defensive capabilities.
Attack and Defense increase when you use Special Moves.
FlyingHigh Speed which mean it often gets the first turn.
Hurricane is a very strong move that may inflict confusion but it does not always hit.
Fire/SteelLow Speed means that is does not get turn 1 most of the time.
Magma Storm now deals burn damage to “bound” targets.
High Special Attack boosts its Fire type moves.
PsychicHas very low defensive stats.
Very strong if given 2 consecutive turns.
Good stats as an offensive Pokemon.
FightingHas a great learnset including elemental punches and Rock moves.
Best balance of offense and defense among Fighting types.
Electric/SteelExcellent Electric and Steel typing.
High special attack at 130 and great defense
Has excellent resistance due to its typing.
Fire/FightingA speedy attacker that excels in both physical and special attacks.
Has access to STAB moves with high power.
 Normal Has a great learnset.
Hyper Beam is a STAB move with 135 power.
Ground/RockVery high attack and defense.
Has a great learnset including the elemental punches.
Ice/GroundHigh attack and defense.
Strong against Dragon-type Alpha Pokemon.
Has access to STAB Ground and Ice moves.
CHisuian Typhlosion
Fire/GhostHigh special attack but low defense.
The only Fire- and Ghost-type Pokemon in the game.
Its signature move (Infernal Parade) has high power that can be doubled when the opponent has a status condition.
NormalA bulky normal type that can handle most Pokemon.
Has a great learnset.
FairyHigh special attack and special defense.
Excellent Fairy-type Pokemon.
Fighting/SteelExcels in both physical and special attacks.
Has a great learnset.
ElectricExcellent attack among Electric types.
Has a great learnset including the 3 elemental punches.
Water/GhostBase stat total is above average.
Its signature move (Wave Crash) is a strong physical water move that also raises action speed.
Bug/RockAttack is high at 135 and has a good defense.
Can continuously damage an opponent with its signature move Stone Axe.
Only has 3 weaknesses despite being a Rock-type.
DHisuian Zoroark
Normal/GhostAggressive Pokemon in the wild.
Faint easily because of its low defensive capabilities.
Excellent Ghost and Normal type Pokemon.
Psychic/ FairyImmune to Dragon type moves.
One of the few Fairy Pokemon.

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