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Naraka: Bladepoint SoulJades List – Wiki

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about SoulJades in Naraka: Bladepoint. Naraka Bladepoint SoulJades list is divided over Special, Melee and Ranged Glyphs.

Stats SoulJades 

Health SouljadeIncreases maximum health.
Attack SouljadesIncreases Attack.
Melee Resist SouljadeDecreases damage taken from melee weapon.
Ranged Resist SouldjadeDecreases damage taken from ranged weapon.

Special SoulJades

Atmos BarrierBlock Bullet more efficiently.
Soft StepSilences your foot step.
Wave RollIncreases the distance of secondary Dodge, and make them cost no energy.
Phantom StepDodging and Sprint Dodging provide Brief Stealth effects.
Focus SlideA focus slide that can knock enemies airbone.
Gecko Footsignificantly enchances your wall running capabilities.
CraftsmanshipSpeeds up repairs and raises max durability.
Swift HealUse Vitalia and Armor powder faster.
Advanced HealVitalia and Armor powder can heal you continuously over a period of time.
Group HealVitalia and Armor powder can now heal your teamates.
Tu NaRegulate your breathing to recover health and armor.
Weaponry Chest BoonThere’s a chance that weaponry chests won’t deplete atfer use.
Grappling Spool BoonThere’s a chance that Grappling Spool won’t deplete after use.
Soothing BoonThere’s a chance that Vitalia and Armor powder won’t deplete after use.
MisterSteal Dark Tide Coins with attacks.
Repair RollSkill: Dodge while repairing.
DesperationYour attack grows as your health falls.
SkyforceSkill: Armor Steal.

Melee SoulJades

Katana SoulJades

Stamina StrikeEnhanced Focus.
ComponsureIaido Extreme.
Katana SapSuccessful Counterstrike Combo will recover health and armor.
Soul SlashBlink Strike Extreme.

Greatsword SoulJades

ShockwaveEnhanced Focus.
Aerial RendEnhanced Charged Attack.
Infernal SlashStorm Slash Extreme.
OverlordStone Form Extreme.
Greatsword SapSuccessful Counterstrike Combo will recover health and armor.

Longsword SoulJades

Blue MoonEnhanced Focus.
WhirlwindEnhanced Uppercut Slashes.
Longsword SapSuccessful Counterstrike Combo will recover health and armor.
Phoenix BlastSword Energy Extreme.

Spear SoulJades

Dual RingFinsher Extreme.
Spear StormFinsher Extreme.
EruditionEnhanced Charged Attacks.
Scale Rush – Spear2-hit scale Rush Combo.
Razor SwiftNezha’s Might Extreme.

Dagger SoulJades

Abyssal AuraEnhanced Charged Attacks.
Assassin’s LungeEnhanced Dagger Dash.
NetherstepDagger Dash Extreme.

Ranged SoulJades

Bow SoulJades

Target LockCripple.
Fire ArrowsFlaming Arrows.
Burst ArrowsExplosive Tips.

Repeating Crossbow SoulJades

VolleyEnhanced Burst Fire.
SharpshotDecreased Spread.
Venom TipToxic Bolts.
Healing BoltsHealing Bolts.

Cannon SoulJades

TwinshotTwin Shots.
Bounce ShellBounce Shell.
Rupture GaleOrbLarge Explosions.
FlamebreathIncendiary Ammo.
MeteorStraight Trajectory.

Pistol SoulJades

Cluster ShellEnhanced Charged Attack.
ThundercallEnhanced Charged Attack.
Quick ChargeQuick Charge.
Detonating RoundsDetonating Rounds.

Musket SoulJades

Sunwing ShotDouble Bullet Speed.
SlowshotShortens the time it takes to aim, but increases the damage.
Armor PierceArmor Pierce.

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