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ML Adventure Codes 2024 [New Update]

Hey, I’m Zathong and this share is about ML Adventure Codes and Redeem Codes. ML Adventure codes are valid for a certain time, so you should hurry up and enter them into the game. I regularly check for new codes and update at this post so you to visit this page often. Let’s just get into the details below!


ML Adventure Codes & Gifts

MLA999Free RewardsActive
W3P758Free RewardsActive
TOG777 20x Energy GemsActive
VIP123 200x Diamonds, 1x Energy GemActive
VIP777 200x Diamonds, 200x Promotion StonesActive
fashionskin X rewards Active
WISH PARTY X rewards Active
HPNY2023 Free RewardsActive
LANTERN2023Free RewardsActive
FEMALE2023 Free RewardsActive
SPRING0321 Free RewardsActive
TLPRAHFree RewardsActive
PWHTVRFree RewardsActive
GGYTYEFree RewardsActive
VQGDWP2229EFree RewardsActive
BUDP4A2229DFree RewardsActive
FGZCWJFree RewardsActive
U4G8H9Free RewardsActive
8BS3S2Free RewardsActive
3S7SRH2229CFree RewardsActive
244WV7Free RewardsActive
EASTER2023 Free RewardsActive
WORKER2023 Free RewardsActive
SP3T7G22296Free RewardsActive
D8XKVZFree RewardsExpired
XT83Q622297Free RewardsExpired
XYHFVD22299Free RewardsExpired
SLCCX5Free RewardsExpired
4336BVFree RewardsExpired
DWBFJCFree RewardsExpired
5KWA9BFree RewardsExpired
FWT9L5Free RewardsExpired
TRVRMU22295Free RewardsExpired
MLADUNGEONFree RewardsExpired
P4VV54Free RewardsExpired
8JESRQ22294Free RewardsExpired
37KCEYFree RewardsExpired
SAUQSEFree RewardsExpired
SUMMER0826Free RewardsExpired
X7BOVFFree RewardsExpired
UNXPTZFree RewardsExpired
5L8VNOFree RewardsExpired
S3M0PWFree RewardsExpired
TRPW762228N 500 DiamondsExpired
6D92BD2228GFree RewardsExpired
99WMXM2228HFree RewardsExpired
VVRTA5Free RewardsExpired
CK3VEF2228DFree RewardsExpired
KQY7LXFree RewardsExpired
NEWERA0429Free RewardsExpired
KP38NH2228FFree RewardsExpired
RJYCD3Free RewardsExpired
3NVCDRFree RewardsExpired
VNEKZHFree RewardsExpired
YEHQKSFree RewardsExpired
7YQM6G500 DiamondsExpired
YCZ8MR500 DiamondsExpired
EAKSUY2228C300 DiamondsExpired
GU4PRS1000 Diamonds 4th Mirage codeExpired
Z9D9A6222881000 Diamonds
10 Premium Summon Scrolls
500 Advance Essence
K54G8B500 DiamondsExpired
PTFCPC22289500 DiamondsExpired
L2WGN8 500 DiamondsExpired
QR2GYJ500 DiamondsExpired
MLA9453777 Diamonds
2 Premium Summon Scrolls
100k Battle Points
WJDZ7G2227D Chest with different sums for everyone!Expired
WS8DYD22286 500 DiamondsExpired
VANOSS415300 DiamondsExpired
XMASFUN6891,000 Diamonds
20 Premium Summon Scrolls
MBZHQ51000 DiamondsExpired
HJPHU222277500 DiamondsExpired
TNEEY822275500 DiamondsExpired
CUNZJZ22274 500 Advance Essence
10 Premium Summon Scrolls
1 Monthly Pass Coupon
6OQGJ7500 DiamondsExpired
8TKYE8Free RewardsExpired
03PSBH400 DiamondsExpired
CARNIVAL Free RewardsExpired
MLAISFIREFree RewardsExpired
MLAISLITFree RewardsExpired
MLAXMPLFree RewardsExpired
SZYP34Free RewardsExpired
DPW4TBFree RewardsExpired
CGUNBA22264Free RewardsExpired
BFU77C22263Free RewardsExpired
KB7LF7500 DiamondsExpired
5TS2JD22262 500 DiamondsExpired
DKMEQF2225W 500 DiamondsExpired
TBBVUA500 DiamondsExpired
AKAKURO77Free RewardsExpired
5WYYQZFree RewardsExpired
XSGXZJFree RewardsExpired
SUMMER777Free RewardsExpired
HOTMLAFree RewardsExpired
U6PTKZ2224VFree RewardsExpired
R3Z428Free RewardsExpired
AKAKURO77Free RewardsExpired
MLAFBFANFree RewardsExpired
MLA1YEARFree RewardsExpired
MLAFBGOFree RewardsExpired
MQS9SEFree RewardsExpired
M6GUU5Free RewardsExpired
00NATAN00Free RewardsExpired
MLMLA0908Free RewardsExpired
549DNS2223WFree RewardsExpired
6MTDUW2223WFree RewardsExpired
2QL6WUFree RewardsExpired
GJ4HUFFree RewardsExpired
EV4UTW2223UFree RewardsExpired
47BWK42223SFree RewardsExpired
T6J3GG2223RFree RewardsExpired
HVXFZM2223QFree RewardsExpired
MLAXMASFree RewardsExpired
MLAREDDITFree RewardsExpired
MLADISCORDFree RewardsExpired
MLAIG500KFree RewardsExpired
SJOBY3Free RewardsExpired
VMNFZA22248Free RewardsExpired
47BWK42223SFree RewardsExpired
8G763N22239Free RewardsExpired
AU5ZWR2223JFree RewardsExpired
EV4UTW2223UFree RewardsExpired
HV4K4V2223KFree RewardsExpired
HVXFZM2223QFree RewardsExpired
MLA1YEARFree RewardsExpired
MLADISCORDFree RewardsExpired
MLAFBGOFree RewardsExpired
MLAHPBD1Free RewardsExpired
MLAIG500KFree RewardsExpired
MLAISFIREFree RewardsExpired
MLAREDDITFree RewardsExpired
MLAXMASFree RewardsExpired
MLMLA0908Free RewardsExpired
SUKNBJ2223MFree RewardsExpired
T6J3GG2223RFree RewardsExpired
RVAIUXVD10Gems, Gold and Magic CrystalsExpired
OWS1HOA5W4Gems, Gold and Magic CrystalsExpired
6HCUCJVY4EGems, Gold and Magic CrystalsExpired
A58DZEH6OEGems, Gold and Magic CrystalsExpired
aovcomunidadeGems, Gold and Magic CrystalsExpired
CPFZCZ7HMNVXFree RewardsExpired
CPFZDZUQBUHR Free RewardsExpired
FHJKDFSOSUFJSF Free RewardsExpired
JHFSKJHDFEIESFree RewardsExpired
IUTROPNCGSPG Free RewardsExpired
PERHDGSJGOTSFree RewardsExpired
HJUQWSSPTUFD Free RewardsExpired
VCXMLOHFDSOFree RewardsExpired
MNBVCXZKJBV Free RewardsExpired
LKJHGFDSAPFree RewardsExpired
POIUYTREWQ Free RewardsExpired
ZXCVBNM Free RewardsExpired
ASDFGHJKLFree RewardsExpired
MKLPOIJHHGet RewardExpired
QWERTYUIOP Get RewardExpired
IJHBVFDEE Get RewardExpired
QWEDFGVB Get RewardExpired
POKJNBVFD Get RewardExpired
DFGVBHJIK Get RewardExpired
OIJHBVCDSZX Get RewardExpired
CVBHJIUYFDHGet RewardExpired
KJHVCDESJH Get RewardExpired
KJHBVCDFGH Get RewardExpired

How to get new ML Adventure Code?

You can receive free ML Adventure codes at I will update new codes when it’s released.

You can follow the official Twitter, Facebook or join Discord to get the ML Adventure code directly from the developer.

  • Fanpage of ML Adventure:
  • Twitter ML Adventure:
  • Chanel Discord ML Adventure:

How to Redeem ML Adventure Code?

Step 1: Open Roblox and launch Mobile Legends Adventure.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Event’ button on the left.

Step 3: Select “Notice Board,” then “Redeem CD-Key,” from the menu that appears.

Step 4: Any of the active codes listed above should be typed into the text field that displays.

Step 5: To collect your free rewards, click “Confirm.”

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