Marvel Super War

Marvel Super War Counter Hero

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about heroes counter picks in Smite. These picks are strong against hero at many stages of the game.

Hero Counter Picks

HeroesCountered by
Captain AmericaCloak & Dagger, Ebony Maw, Cull Obsidian
Iron ManMister Fantastic, Deadpool ,Beast
Spider ManHulk, Cull Obsidian, Heimdall
HawkeyeSpider Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel
Black WidowColossus, Groot, Ronan
HulkIron Man, Scarlet Witch, Loki
Thor MVSColossus, Mantis, Invisible Woman
FalconThe Thing, Polaris, Sersi
Captain MarvelSandman, Namor, Squirrel Girl
Winter SoldierBlack Knight, Deadpool, Daredevil
Ant-ManInvisible Woman, The Thing, Groot
QuicksilverHulk, Cull Obsidian,Colossus
Scarlet WitchDeadpool ,Beast, Lady Sif
VisionBlack Panther, Black Knight, Deadpool
Black PantherRonan, Hulk, Groot
Black KnightCull Obsidian, Heimdall, Colossus
Cloak & Dagger Angel, Gambit, Yondu
Corvus GlaiveHawkeye,Winter Soldier, Vision
Proxima MidnightGroot, Hulk, Ronan
Ebony MawAngel, Yondu, Gmabit
Cull ObsidianJubilee, Ancient One, Adam Warlock
Loki MVSEmma Frost, Loki, Hela
HeimdallLoki, iceman, Storm
Lady SifHulk, The Thing, Namor
ExecutionerMantis, Sersi, Ronan
Beast MVSHulk, Colossus, Groot
IcemanBlack Knight, Mister Fantastic, Deadpool,
AngelCaptain America, Quicksilver, Lady Sif
StormQuicksilver, Beast, Daredevil
Emma FrostRonan, The Thing, Namor
MagnetoMister Fantastic, Quicksilver, Lady Sif
ColossusVision, Angel, Gambit
DeadpoolNamor, Squirrel Girl, The Thing
Star-LordBlack Widow, Black Knight, Emma Frost
GrootHawkeye, Yondu, Star-Lord
Rocket RaccoonBlack Knight, Emma Frost, Lady Sif
RonanIron Man, Loki, Hela
YonduProxima Midnight, Beast, Quicksilver
MantisRocket Raccoon, Ikaris, Gambit
Mister FantasticHeimdall, Groot, Namor
Invisible WomanWinter Soldier, War Machine, Angel
Human TorchBlack Panther, Black Knight, Lady Sif
The ThingGambit, Yondu, Angel
DaredevilCull Obsidian, Heimdall, Groot
Iron FistQuicksilver, Beast, Deadpool
ThanosEbony Maw, Cull Obsidian, The Thing
HelaGhost Rider, Taskmaster, Black Widow
Doctor StrangeProxima Midnight, Taskmaster, Emma Frost
SandmanHela, Human Torch, Polaris
VenomSersi, Ronan, Polaris
PolarisDeadpool, Mister Fantastic, Spider Man
GambitLady Sif, Beast, Emma Frost
War MachineDeadpool, Daredevil, Beast
GhostThanos, Ant Man, Ancient One
JubileeBlack Widow, Daredevil, Lady Sif
Shang ChiEbony Maw, Cull Obsidian, Mantis
BladeRonan, Mantis, Groot
Ancient OneSpider Man, Captain America, Beast
Adam WarlockGhost Rider, Deadpool,Lady Sif
MysterioBlack Knight, Deadpool,Lady Sif
MagikEbony Maw, Colossus, Groot
NamorStorm, Iceman, Loki
Ghost RiderEbony Maw, Cull Obsidian, The Thing
Squirrel GirlScarlet Witch, Loki, Iceman
TaskmasterHulk, Ronan, Namor
WaveMantis, Invisible Woman, The Thing
MoonstarEmma Frost, Mister Fantastic, Deadpool
IkarisProxima Midnight, Lady Sif, Beast
SersiMoonstar, Gambit, Yondu
ThenaEbony Maw, Cull Obsidian, Colossus
Luna SnowTaskmaster, Black Widow, Daredevil
War TigerEbony Maw, Groot, Mantis
WenwuCloak & Dagger, Ebony Maw, Groot

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