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Mad King’s Breach Diablo Immortal : Location, Items Drops, Defeat,

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about boss: Mad King’s Breach in Diablo Immortal. You can find detailed information about Mad King’s Breach in Diablo Immortal, Location, Items Drops, Objectives, Mobs, Defeat.

Information & Locations

  • Rewards 15 Battle Points
  • Dungeon Run Time: 3-5 minutes
  • Contains/Rewards XP, Gold, Mystery Equipment
  • Recommended Level: 10
  • Boss: The Skeleton King
  • Zone: Ashwold Cemetery


  • Mad King’s Breach is the first dungeon players will experience in Diablo Immortal upon reaching the end of the World Zone, Ashworld Cemetery.
  • Mad King’s Breach Dugeon in Diablo Immortal is a good dungeon to start when you need to farm items and experience. The Dungeon consists of three rooms that you will need to complete in order to clear this dungeon.
  • As the first dungeon, players will favour this dungeon since they can complete it fast and yields great rewards. Definitely a dungeon to replay if you also want to get used to the combat and gameplay mechanics of Diablo Immortal.

Items Drops

Table Item Type:

Item NameItem Type
Issatar At RestAmulet
Shepherd and MotherRing
Shameless UrgeRing
Bloody HandGloves
Luminary’s UrgeGloves
Mountebank’s BravadoBelt
Storm-Tack of Shal’baasBelt
The TyrantBoots


  • Enter Mad King’s Breach
  • Head Forward and Search for Leoric
  • Defeat Sir Gorash
  • Interact with the Portal to continue
  • Reach the Courtyard Gate
  • Enter the Portal
  • Ascend the Stairway
  • Reach Leoric’s Throne Room
  • Clear the Throne Room of All Enemies
  • Defeat the Skeleton King

Encountered Mobs

  • Wraith
  • Spectral Sorcerer
  • Spectral Vermin
  • Lost Soul
  • Gargoyle
  • Skeletal Marauder
  • Skeletal Warrior
  • Skeletal Archer
  • Royal Guard
  • Royal Shieldbearer
  • Royal Spearman

How to Defeat

Upon reaching the next room, ascend the stairs ahead and reach the throne room, your task is to first, reach the throne room as you fight your way through the mobs, and second, upon reaching the throne room, you will need to clear out the room before the Skeleton King appears, and finally, you will need to defeat the former King Leoric who is now the Skeleto King. The Skeleton King is capable of summoning more undead creatures to help in battle and can execute AoE attacks.

When you clear the throne room, walk up to the throne, and as the flames light up, the Skeleton King is summoned and triggers the battle against the former King of Khanduras. As the battle starts, you may want to move away first from the Skeleton King since he can trigger an AoE attack around him, causing great damage and stuns those who are hit. He usually does this attack after you hear him say “Bow before your rightful king.”. A good tactic is try and attack him from behind since he mostly tries to swing his large mace in front and at the sides.

If he summons more mobs, allow your teammates to take care of the Mobs and to quickly clear it out so that the team can focus on just attacking the Skeleton King. Once his HP is down to about 50-40%, the Skeleton King will summon a steed and he’ll gain access to even more AoE attacks that has even greater radius that his previous attacks. When you see a rectangular shaped glow on the ground, make sure to move out of its way since the Skeleton King will charge in.

You’ll also notice that on both sides of the throne room, the Skeleton King has also summoned a moving specrtal wall, you will need to team up or at least try to defeat the Skeleton King before the wall closes in since it deals immense damage if both walls meet. It can also inflict damage if you accidentally touch the wall. Stop the wall from converging at the center to avoid it from releasing an AoE damaging effect that will continuously take effect until the Skeleton King dies.

Upon successfully defeating the Skeleton King, make sure to grab the XP Globes, Items, and Health Globes that drop from the boss. Walk up to the portal on the right side of the throne room and interact with it to return to the main entrance of the Mad King’s Breach dungeon.

Other Dungeons

DungeonsRecommended LevelBossZoe
Cavern of Echoes50Glacial ColossusFrozen Tundra
Destruction’s End35BaalLibrary of Zoltun Kulle
Forgotten Tower20The CountessDark Wood
Kikuras Rapids40Chieftain OngoriBilefen
Mad King’s Breach10The Skeleton KingAshwold Cemetery
Temple of Namari40SargothBilefen
Tomb of Fahir28King FahirShassar Sea

Note: Dungeons (or sometimes listed as activities) in Diablo Immortal provide all kinds of challenges to your characters. Completing dungeons will reward you with EXP, golds, valuable Weapons and Armor, Gems, and Crafting materials. Players can re-run dungeons in Diablo Immortal on their own or with a party only if you’ve completed the dungeon for the first time and if it re-appears as an objective via Immortal Daily Quests, Bounty Board, and Shadow Contracts.

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