LoR deck codes for beginners 2024

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about get deck codes in Legends of Runeterra. Let’s just get into the details below!

LoR deck codes

LoR decks Meta 2024:

TierDecksDeck codeHow to Play
SCaitlyn Senna Decks
[Mist Traps (Piltover/Zaun + Shadow Isles)]
[See deck details]
Strong Against: Kennen Ahri Recalls
Weak Against: Lurk
SFizz Gnar Decks
Yordles in Arms (Bandle City + Piltover/Zaun)
[See deck details]
+ Loping Telescope help quickly generate multiple regions for Yordles in Arms.
+ Value keeping up a wide board so you can get huge swings off with Yordles in Arms.
Strong Against: Lurk
Weak Against: Darkness Control
Miss Fortune Quinn Decks
Scouts (Bilgewater + Demacia)
[See deck details]
CEDAIAIAAYER2MYCAQAAEBYCAUAAUDABAMAA4AQCAYLD4AICAADACAIFAYAQCAQCAADQUScouts aim to curve out, trade efficiently, and level up Miss Fortune or Quinn. Miss Fortune is an amazing keep in the mulligan because of how easy she is to level with your scout units.
Your strong early plays are Fleetfeather into Brightsteel on turn 2 attack. Avoid playing Miss Fortune into obvious removal unless you have a way to protect her with one of your protective spells.
Once you’ve built a wide board, you can overwhelm your opponent with Cithria the Bold or Rally for lethals.
SYuumi Pantheon Decks
Fate (Demacia + Targon)
[See deck details]
Tips: Be flexible in your gameplan. Sometimes you’ll be able to turbo level Pantheon and other times he’ll take a back seat while you build up your dragons.
Strong Against: Scouts
Weak Against: Lurk
SGnar Trundle Decks
Trundle Timelines (Freljord + Piltover/Zaun)
[See deck details]
CEDACBAEBIAQCBBNAEAQCAYBAUCBQAQFBKMADIIBAEBQCBQFAIAQIGZUAECAIEACAEAQWMQCAMAQEAYBAQAQYAYBAQAQUAIBAQTQCAYEBMThe goal of the deck is to play down an early Concurrent Timelines so you can start getting ridiculous value off your followers that have effects when you play them.
As long as you keep a healthy life total, you can eventually grind your opponents down with your superior card advantage and units.
STeemo Tristana Gnar Decks
Tristana Yordles in Arms (Bandle City + Demacia)
[See deck details]
CEBQSBIKEBXXA5EFAGTADLYBW4A5SAIBAMAA4AIEAABAEAICAADQEBIKQQA2CAIBAEAQICAFlood the board with your early units and prioritize good trades to keep your board alive for big attack turns with Yordles in Arms.
Most of your units can create a unit in hand so you’ll have an easy time keeping your board full.
Once Tristana is leveled she can help close the game quickly through chump blockers by giving your units impact.
SZiggs Gnar Decks
Bandle Burn (Bandle City + Noxus)
[See deck details]
Legion Saboteur and Inventive Chemist are less valuable in matchups that have access to early 1 damage pings.
Tips: Noxian Fervor is great as a responsive card. Use it in response to your opponent spending their mana on a spell or when they are tapped out of mana and can’t stop the Fervor from going through.
Strong Against: Lurk
Weak Against: Poke City
SRek’Sai Pyke Decks
Lurk (Bilgewater + Shurima)
[See deck details]
Snapjaw is best used on off-turns in order to trigger more Lurks.
We want to avoid playing Rek’Sai unless we can level her that turn or if we plan on using her on a turn we also want to Bone Skewer.
Predicts are perfect in order to ensure we have a Lurker on top of our deck or to grab key cards when we need them for a matchup
Strong Against: Dragons, Thralls, Darkness Control
Weak Against: Rally Elusives, Bandle Burn, Plunder Midrange
AElise Decks
Spider Aggro (Noxus + Shadow Isles)
[See deck details]
CECAKAIDAIGA6KBXAMBQKAYEAYBQCBJHGU4AEAQDAMCAAAIBAECRMAs with all aggro decks this has a pretty straightforward mulligan. Look for 1-2 mana units, and pretty much nothing else. If you have early spiders already, you can definitely keep a Frenzied Skitterer.
AGnar Galio Decks
Formidable (Demacia + Targon)
[See deck details]
-Dragon’s Clutch is important to give over the top with Overwhelm. Only use it for draw if you have to.
-Sometimes it’s important to skip close blocks with cards like Dragon Chow or Wounded Whiteflame so that you can guarantee their value by playing around enemy buff spells.
AFizz Riven Decks
Papercraft Fizz (Bandle City + Noxus)
[See deck details]
Keep: Fizz, Riven, Blade Squire
-Papercraft Dragon’s buff can’t be Hushed.
-Fizz is your best target for all in lethal turns since he has elusive and defense against removal.
-Getting in for chip damage is useful but keeping Riven alive for the extra blades can be more valuable for the OTK.
AKennen Gnar Poppy Decks
Bandle Tree Swarm (Bandle City + Noxus)
[See deck details]
Pokey Stick is perfect for getting rid of chump blockers and to finish off units that got favorable blocks.
We rely on cards like Poppy to build up a threatening board that will hold us over until we get our units or outright win the game.
Save Minimorph to deal with opponent’s important units like champions or key units that you can’t deal with by using Flock or other removal.
Strong Against: Control
Weak Against: Burn Aggro
AVeigar Senna Decks
Darkness Control (Bandlewood + Shadow Isles)
[See deck details]
– Don’t tunnel on triggering Ixtali’s effect. Ixtali Sentinel can come out in a pinch even if you can’t trigger her last effect but she’s still a large sized leech body.
-Twisted Catalyzer can get a lot of value if your opponent doesn’t have much removal as long as you remove their blockers.
Strong Against: Discard
Weak Against: Rally Elusives, Plunder Midrange, Lurk
ADraven Sion Decks
Rumble Discard (Noxus + Piltover/Zaun)
[See deck details]
Tips :
Lost Soul is an infinite discard target that is amazing at leveling Sion quickly. ‎‎  ‎
Don’t tunnel on using axes to level Draven. He’s a powerful champion to fuel your discard cards even at level 1.
Strong Against: Bandle Burn
Weak Against: Rally Elusives

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