Kled Voice Lines English/Japanese/Korean – [League of Legends]

Hey, I’m Zathong and i will share Kled voice lines in League of Legends by English/Japanese/Korean. Let’s just get into the details below!


Kled Voice Lines English

Pick“I find courage unpredictable, it’s total insanity you can rely on!”
Ban“Oh, I knew you was all yeller!”
MovingAlthough Mounted
“This land was made for me – and me alone.”
“I hate to advocate violence and insanity, but it’s worked for me.”
“Were you just talking, or was it the voices again?”
“I do not want to tame my territory. I want them to be wild and free.”
“I’m from everywhere. Shut the hell up, it’s in the middle of nowhere.”
“I play with firearms. I use an axe in my work.”
“Mushrooms are good for you! once you’ve grown accustomed to the insanity and paranoia.”
“A man without a weapon ain’t worth listening to.”
“Yes, I enjoy being outside. Freedom, nature meditation, and murdering hikers.”
“They ain’t ready for us.”
“I keep hallucinating that you can talk.”
Skaarl hisses.
“Nah, I’m sure it’ll pass.”
“Skaarl! Philosophy is not the point at this moment.”
“Killing a few things might loosen this up.”
“Stop doing that now! Your actions are irritating the invisible badgers.”
“Where I walk is the start of my land. It ends where the sun don’t shine!”
“Damn cowards, making me ride over to kill ’em.”
“Well, maybe I am looking to start a fight!”
“I do prefer to ride into battle.”
“Yeah, but… then how we gonna’ invade both bases at once?”
“No, I’m certain that I’m not crazy! …Greater than normal…”
“Obviously, I have paranoia. Yesterday, you attempted to murder me.”
“I came to sever a fragment of that Noxian dream… and I’m not giving up my share!”
“Nah, we also murder them! There is no one on my squad besides you.”
“Don’t try and understand ’em, just rope, throw and brand ’em.”
“I grew up mean and now I’m older than murder.”
“Ain’t nothing more beautiful than the Noxian plains… excepting a rich corpse.”
“All we need is open country, but we gonna’ take everything they got!”
“I fight better when I’ve had my… medicine.”
“No! Strategy and preparation? That is urbane stuff.”
“Don’t need a plan… long as I got this axe.”
“Yeah, they just confirming our suspicions, ain’t they?”
“I don’t find it difficult to communicate. Words are nothing but treacherous fools.”
“Skaarl, are you ready? We need some mind-blowing craziness for today.”
“Are you ready for anything?”
Skaarl hisses.
“Of course you are!”
Hey, it’s Major Kled, the Forward Admiral. I have never been a Mister before.
“Shh! They’re undoubtedly keeping an eye out for us.”
“Let’s get to killing them interloping intruders!”
When I was promoted to the rank of Sergeant General Colonel, the Battle of Fallgren was taking place. At the very least, I believe that was their rank. Remember to obtain permission before killing someone.”
“Ain’t nothing like having the wind on your back and blood on your face.”
“Skaarl, today is your birthday! I want to make a murder cake.”
“Well, my foot wanted to meet your ass, and I’m about to give them a shotgun wedding!”
“Shh! Time to turn violent and bizarre.”
“Oh, we find ’em, tie ’em up, then they’s like a piñata full of meat.”
“Damnit Skaarl, d’you hide my mushroom juice again?”
“After we’ve killed all of these people, what do you think? Tacos? Oh, yes, tacos.”
“First, we kill ’em, then we make ’em tell us where they came from.”
Remember how everyone assumed we would be prepared to split the spoils after we sacked Trevale? Pheh! Officers can pass away just like everyone else.”
“No land exists that isn’t mine. I just haven’t gotten around to claiming the land.”
“Just ’cause they’re our team don’t mean we can trust ’em.”
“They’re all trespassers, we’re just killing them five first.”
“Yeah, yeah, invade Ionia you said, it’ll be fine you said!”
Skaarl hisses.
“Fine, you said!”
Yes, it makes me think of the Ruug siege. Many men perished on its tall walls. Fun was had.
“At the gates of Qualthala, they tried using that boiling oil on us, but you can’t deep-fry courage!”
“I am deep-fried courage, and an apple pie of angry!”
“I know, I know.”
“Would you stop bitching for one minute?”
“Because I know someone is trying to sneak up on us!”
They believe they’re so smart, yeah! Brains are what spatter on you; they don’t win fights.
“Well, you the only thing I trust.”
“Yeah, well, that’s what I thought.”
“Shut your hole, you dumb lizard.”
“Well, just ’cause you’re a hallucination and I don’t speak lizard don’t mean I can’t understand you!”
“You do come up with the best ideas.”
“No, it’s when I don’t drink mushroom juice that I have a problem!”
I’m Kled. Third Multiplication Double Admiral High Major Commodore of the First Legion Artillery Vanguard Company! You’ll defer to my authority.
“We was having a nice conversation, then they showed up… uninvited!”
“Noxus was created to train the faithful.”
What’s the matter with you? You were already fed by half a platoon by me.
“Don’t you bite me again!”
“Nah, it’s the same as the attack on Glorft. In a commando fleet operation, you’ve seen one artillery vanguard, you’ve seen them all.”
“Noxus ends where I say it ends.”
“I don’t love much. Only this vast sky and this stupid lizard remain.”
“Let’s get some new property.”
“The sky is my roof, the open plains are my bed, and this lizard is the only company I need.”
“This vast sky, this lush landscape. How on earth could I tell anyone about this?”
“Woo, this area is really lovely. I’m happy it’s mine.”
“You can’t be lonely when the land is this beautiful.”
“Of course I want to pick a fight with ’em.”
When not mounted
This world is difficult. Either you’re tough or you die.
“Yes, a sane man would run, but I ain’t the running kind!”
“No-one tells me what to do.”
“This here land is mine!”
“This is just a victory waiting to happen!”
“This desert sky’s gonna’ open up with a rain of heavenly bloodshed and glorious violence!”
“I am the brutal instrument of my own destiny!”
“Nobody is going to give you anything. You have to do it yourself.”
“Impossible ain’t a Noxian word.”
“I didn’t become a Rear Forward Brigadier Admiral from running!”
I’m not in need of that lizard! Kled has his own opinions.
“I don’t need nothing but this axe… and this gun… and this hat.”
“Why’s all these intruders so far away?”
“Even though I know the lizard isn’t speaking, I can still hear him. Be quiet, lizard. “Be quiet!”
“Stop talking, you stupid brain badgers!”
What was that, I wonder? Skaarl obviously doesn’t need me, but he does.
“What did you say? Run directly at the tower?
“I don’t need a team to start a teamfight!”
“Sure! I’ll put an end to them all by myself.
“I don’t need you Skaarl!”
“I said I wasn’t not backing off, no how!”
“Even if I fail, I succeed! Just means I get to murder you again later.”
“Brainfucks, I know you’re listening! I’m not going to fall for it.”
“I am Sir Admiral Major Kled, and I smell a victory potpourri!”
“First thing you learn as a Lieutenant Sergeant Commodore: rely only on yourself.”
“Skaarl! reappear, buddy! Skaarl?”
Skaarl said, “Damnit! I detest strolling!”
“I didn’t not earn the rank of Sergeant double Admiral by not running!”
“Folks say I got violent tendencies.” Kled chuckles.
Oh, she’ll realize, she realizes! When I make them invaders into a purée, she will return strolling.
Nobody is as tough as Kled! Both a fire and gravel are burning inside of me.
“I came here to… well, I don’t know what I came here for, but I’m gonna’ defend it!”
“Lord Colonel Major Centurion Kled don’t run, no he don’t!”
Taunt“Don’t worry, they aren’t ordering me to kill you any more…! Of course we’re still going to kill him.”
“You do realise… you’re on my property?”
“I figure I’ll help you kill ’em… before I kill you.”
“Usually, I find conversations to be worthless and dull. You serve as a reminder that I am correct.”
“You want to debate something, do you? It will make later events easier for you.”
“So… when exactly you planning on getting the hell outta’ here?”
I won’t kill you and feed you to my lizard, sir, I swear! They are simply harmful rumors.”
“Oh, before I forget, what, uh… rank are you, exactly?”
JokeJoke Reaction
“So, that’s what considered funny in the city, huh?”
I have a joke as well! It goes under the name “me kicking your teeth in!”
That’s all? You made that joke, right?
“Was you making fun of my Skaarl?”
Real amusing! I once knew a humorous man who was injured by a javelin during the Drekan Campaign and became unable to walk. used him to hang coats on.
AttackAlthough Mounted
“Slow down so I can kill something!”
“Get off my lawn!”
“They’s about to be dead!”
“This land is my land!”
“Damn trespassers!”
“Step on my land again, you’re done!”
“How about a long axe in your guts?”
“You are perturbing my tranquility!”
“You ought to flee! Skaarl enjoys spicy cuisine.”
“Don’t talk over me! I want to start a fight!”
“Damn city folk!”
“This is Skaarl, and I’m Kled. Get ready to perish.”
“This is how it’s gonna work: I kill you, then I take your stuff.”
“Skaarl, look! Dinner time has come.”
“Did you notice my welcome mat back there? No? It was the skull of your pal.”
“You will salute when you address me!”
“Let’s get them trespassers!”
“Why aren’t they giving me a bow? They ought to be bowing to me! Salute me right now.”
“Did you get my invitation to come over? No? Then there isn’t one, right?”
“Let’s do it!”
“Oh, it’s on!”
“I got your welcoming present right here!”
“The badgers command your death!”
“Only coffin’s gonna’ be this lizard’s belly!”
“Let’s get ’em, Skaarl!”
“I might have to jump off this lizard and put my boot in your watoosie!”
“Let’s get ’em, ‘fore they get us.”
“I’m gonna murder you to death!”
“I will murder your whole family!”
“My brain is on fire, my soul is strong, and my lizard is hungry!”
“You mocking me?”
“He gave me an odd look! Grab him.”
“You can’t take what’s mine!”
“You looking at me? ’cause I’m gonna’ kill you!”
“You can’t bushwhack a bushwhacker!”
“You just justified a preemptive retaliatory strike!”
“They arrived seeking conflict? Let’s do it for them.”
“I am justified, and I am armed!”
“Howdy!” Kled chuckles.
When not mounted
“I’m through running!”
“I’ll kill you!”
“Now you done it!”
“I’ll gut you!”
“I’ll say something witty after I kill you!”
“Because it itches, I’m going to cut you open and use your spine as a back scratcher. itch a lot!”
“I can only express myself through violence!”
“Who sent you?”
“Welcome to Noxus!”
Is! This! Noxus!”
“I hate you!”
“You’s trying my patience!”
“Come back here and fight!”
“My axe talks for me!”
“You believed I was finished? “Kled ain’t never done!”
“I can’t be reasoned with!”
“It’s go time!”
“I ain’t stopping!”
“You get it, Skaarl? I’m working by myself.”
“I’ll kill ’em all!”
“Skaarl, you see? I’m OK without support.”
“Skaarl! You’re missing the pleasure!”
“I’m just beginning to fight!”
“I’ll kick the crap outta’ you!”
“No trespassing!”
“You’re a cockroach, and it’s half-past stomping time!”
“My brain is full of weasels!”
“Serenity now!”
“I don’t like sharing!”
“Oh, you prancing bastard!”
“My blood is piss and vinegar!”
Kled chuckles.
“I’m gonna reach down your throat, and turn your lungs into mittens!”
“I’m gonna make you wish you were a hallucination!”
“You think I don’t hear you laughing?”
“There’s fixing to be two sounds: me hitting you, and—” Kled screams.

Kled Voice Lines Japanese

Kled Voice Lines Korean

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