Kayn Voice Lines English/Japanese/Korean – [League of Legends]

Hey, I’m Zathong and i will share Kayn voice lines in League of Legends by English/Japanese/Korean. Let’s just get into the details below!


Kayn Voice Lines English

Pick“Will you prove worthy?”
“Probably not.”
Ban“The weak fear the shadows.”
“Fear controls them.”
Moving“I was born into a nation of despair and I alone am the remedy.”
“I’ve picked you. You’ll work for me.”
“I am an expert with all weapons of battle. There won’t be any prattling exceptions.”
“Whom am I to obey? Which one do you like, Master Zed or the arrogant agricultural tool?”
“Underestimate me at your peril.”
“Kill the body.”
“Kill the mind.”
“The rage is in your hands; let it loose!”
“Their screams thrill me.”
“Zed’s order shackles you; I offer freedom!”
“You are not worthy of the power you hold.”
“I enjoy the anticipation the most in this section. No, it’s the murder.”
“Such a servile student. I’ll take over as your new boss.”
“Go after the powerful. Not some ornament, I am a weapon.”
“Neither time nor violence will end me.”
“What does Rhaast mean anyway?”
“I learned from a young age to embrace the shadows.”
“Darkness is a start.”
“I let you go and you will die.”
“And you will lose.”
“I am the weapon; you are a tool.”
“Lies soothe the mind, don’t they?”
“What will be the final lesson?”
“Give in, and I will show you.”
“I am no toy, Kayn.”
“You possess the hubris of a more fearsome weapon.”
“There is much darkness around you—in you.”
“That is my armor.”
“Tell me, was it desperation that led you to me?”
“I am aware of your nightmares. Are they bothering you?”
“Not nightmares—plans…”
“I have waited eons to bathe this realm in blood!”
“Speak, speak, Without me, nothing will get done.”
“Ionians… Are they all as assured as you are?”
“There is no one like me.”
Taunt“There are a thousand ways to kill you in this moment; I’m planning the right one…”
“This will be quick, but still painful.”
“I was forged to destroy, and you are in my way.”
“I will take that pitiful existence you call a life from you.”
Joke“I can think of twelve ways to murder you. Ah! It should read thirteen.”
“There are thirteen.I have a sentient weapon of death that hasn’t had blood in ages! You believe I’m afraid of you?”
“I find your will to live amusing..”
“I sense death… Not you, though. You smell awful.”
“A craftsman never blames his tools.”
“I will make an exception in this case.”
Attack“Shadows cut deep as fear!”
“Found you!”
“Cowering in the light—how foolish!”
“Fear the darkened blade!”
“The blade bends to you!”
“The shadows find everyone.”
“You have my undivided attention!”
“Found you!”
“Set me free!”
“Drive me into their flesh!”
“Kill them all!”
“From the shadow comes the slaughter.”
“Time to reap.”
“Every slaughter has humble beginnings.”
“Never underestimate hatred.”
“Feed me more lives!”
“Another target!”
“More! More!”
“They’re next.”
“Don’t wait; slay!”
“They are worthy?”
“To die? Yes.”

Kayn Voice Lines Japanese

Kayn Voice Lines Korean

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