Jake Combo Multiversus: PS4, Xbox, PC

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Jake combos in MultiVersus for PS4, Xbox, PC. I have compiled this list of some of this character’s best chained attacks below.


Role: Bruiser

Jake Combo Multiversus

Best combo for Jake in Multiversus are: Uppercut Air Combo, Weakened Knockback Combo, Downwards, Bounce Combo , Side Ring-Out Air Combo.

Combo 1: Uppercut Air Combo 

 Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Up), Jump, Air Attack (Neutral)

This Jake combo is perfect – and makes use of his useful Belly Bump move. The Air Attack (Neutral) can also be chained multiple times to break armour and deal devastating damage.

Combo for PlayStation, Xbox & PC:

Input on PlayStationInput on XboxInput on PC
Left stick side + square button, left stick up + square button, X button, square button
Left stick side + X button, left stick up + X button, A button, X buttonA/D key + J key, W key + J key, space, J key

Combo 2: Weakened Knockback Combo

Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Side), Ground Special (Neutral), Jump, Air Special (Side)

This is another short combo that can be followed up with any number of attacks, but we’ve included it because it’s a great set-up moveset that weakens your opponents and gives you enough knockback to get ring-outs on weaker enemies.

Combo for PlayStation, Xbox & PC:

Input on PlayStationInput on XboxInput on PC
Left stick side + square button, left stick side + square button, triangle button, X button, left stick side + triangle buttonLeft stick side + X button, left stick side + X button, Y button, A button, left stick side + Y button A/D key + J key, A/D key + J key, K key, space, A/D key + K key

Combo 3: Downwards Bounce Combo 

Jump, Air Attack (Neutral), Air Attack (Down), Air Attack (Down), Air Attack (Down)

Jake’s ‘Where’s My Halfpipe?’ is one of his most versatile moves and can be used in almost any air combo you want. It’s a fantastic way to extend existing chained moves and three of the same will also ignite your opponents.

Combo for PlayStation, Xbox & PC:

Input on PlayStationInput on XboxInput on PC
X button, square button, left stick down + square button, left stick down + square button, left stick down + square button A button, X button, left stick down + X button, left stick down + X button, left stick down + X buttonSpace, J key, S key + J key, S key + J key, S key + J key

Combo 4: Side Ring-Out Air Combo 

 Jump, Air Attack (Neutral), Air Attack (Down), Air Attack (Neutral), Air Attack (Side)

Looking to bounce and bundle your opponent out the side of the map? This is an easy air combo that will deal a fair bit of damage and offer enough knockback to make ring-outs a walk in the park.

Combo for PlayStation, Xbox & PC:

Input on PlayStationInput on XboxInput on PC
X button, square button, left stick down + square button, square button, left stick side + square buttonA button, X button, left stick down + X button, X button, left stick side + X button
Space, J key, S key + J key, J key, A/D key + J key

Video Jake Combo Multiversus

Jake Move List and Passive Multiversus

Neutral AttackHambone Break!
A combo of punches and belly bumps
Belly Balloon
Jake expands his belly, knocks enemies forward, then combos into a mallet spin that breaks armor.
Side AttackTotally Spiky
Charge a powerful spike ball swing that breaks armor
Jake Charges and aims a stretchy punch that deals increased damage if it hits at the end of its stretch.
Up AttackDon’t Axe
Charge an axe swing overhead. Charging extends the range of the swing.
Hammer it up!
Jake deals a combo of spike ball swings.
Down AttackSplits!
Charge a two-way split kick that breaks armor.
Where’s my Halfpipe?
Pull out a skateboard for some sweet tricks. If Jake lands on enemies or allies, he will bounce off and do a new trick. The third hit will deal a fire debuff.
Neutral SpecialRubber Stomach, Dude!
Jake will eat nearby fighters, stunning them and carrying them in his tummy. Press input again to aim and spit fighters. Allies can input and aim to spit themselves out. Enemies receive maximum stacks of weakened debuff. Allies gain armor. Spitting a fighter makes them a projectile. Cooldown applies.
Same as ground.
Side SpecialNeigh and Stuff!
Jake transforms into a horse projectile and gallops. Charge to increase duration. His back becomes a platform to allies.
Same as ground.
Up SpecialStretchin’ Out
Charge and stretch Jake’s head upward while his buns stay behind. Enemies that touch Jake are knocked back. Allies will only be stopped if they are stunned. After stretching, Jake’s buns become a projectile that snaps back to his head. Jake can only be hit on his head.
Same as ground.
Down SpecialThat’s Heavy, Dude
Jake will transform into a house, or similar projectile, then slam to the ground. Charge to stay transformed. Projectiles that hit Jake will be reflected. Fighters will bounce off Jake. If an ally bounces off Jake, Jake will emit a poof projectile that knocks away enemies.
Same as ground.

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