Jacqueline Eversoul Build Guides: Team, Skill & Artifact

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Jacqueline Build in Eversoul. I give you information about this character and assist you in selecting the ideal allies for Jacqueline.


Jacqueline Stats


Tier: S

Rarity: Epic

Type: Undead

Class: Striker

Gear type: DEX

Jacqueline Team Build

Good team build for Jacqueline:

CharactersCombined with

Petra Velanna Catherine Jacqueline
Petra, Velanna, Catherine, Jacqueline

Chloe Claire Vivienne Catherine
Chloe, Claire, Vivienne, Catherine

Honglan Talia Vivienne
Honglan, Talia, Vivienne

Seeha Mica
Seeha, Mica 

Velanna Jacqueline
Velanna, Jacqueline

Mephistopeles Naiah
Mephistopeles, Naiah

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Position setup:

4 Characters1 Characters
2 Characters3 Characters
1 Characters4 Characters
3 Characters3 Characters

Jacqueline Skill Guide

Name SkillType SkillEffect Skill
Thermoelectric ShieldPassiveTransforms the heat produced by attackers into defense-related energy. The talent produces a 5-second Residual Heat bonus when used. Normal strikes produce a shield that can absorb 100% of ATK damage for 12 seconds while the Residual Heat perk is active.
Strategy: Dark MoonSubIncreases the booster’s speed to assault the back of the adversary. Takes aim at the adversary that is the furthest away and launches a 2 meter radius circle of damage equivalent to 170% of ATK. Moreover, it stealths for eight seconds and stuns the opponent for three. You cannot be made fun of when you’re hiding.
Strategy: Crescent MoonSubAttacks while using the tip of the toe to make a semicircle. Hits the closest enemy with 150% of ATK damage, knocking it down and causing it to bleed 55% every 2 seconds for 6 seconds.

Strategy: Burst Harpoon
MainSlams into the earth, setting off an explosion. In front of a close enemy, deals damage equal to 240% of ATK within a 1.8-meter wide by 6-meter long range. The enemy also sustains 60% bleeding damage every two seconds for six seconds.
Operation: Meteor StrikeUltimateEnters the atmosphere and makes contact with the battlefield. Approaches the enemy with the least HP, doing 220% damage to all foes. Double damage is dealt to the adversary that is the target.

Jacqueline Artifact Guide

Name Effect Stats (Lv.40)
Gae BulgWhen the battle begins, ATK increases by 12% for 30 seconds.ATK: +25%
HP: +14%
Crit Rate: +15%
Crit DMG: +20%

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