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Hey, I’m Zathong and i will share Irelia voice lines in League of Legends by English/Japanese/Korean. Let’s just get into the details below!


Irelia Voice Lines English

Pick“Fight for the First Lands!”
Moving“I’ve traveled through the shimmering plains and fished in the grassy rivers. The land is aware of me.”
“Keep in mind what has been lost. Fight for the unrealized.”
“(Laughs) They thought they could tame our land.”
“To live under a boot is not to live.”
“I have 42 forms in my dance. Only one will they observe.”
“I carry a lot more than these blades.”
“We are the children of the First Lands, and we will not be slaves!”
“I remember when I danced for fun.”
“Live today like you’re going to die tomorrow.”
“What strange power works through me, I do not know.”
“I move to unsung melodies and unbeaten rhythms.”
“Zelos made the funniest jokes… I miss them so much.”
“Always continue to learn. There is always a form you are unfamiliar with.”
“If they capture me they’ll kill me… (Laughs) If.”
“We do this for those who came before us, and those who come next.”
“Ours is the land of magic, and that is worth dying for.”
“Their weapons are great, but our will is greater.”
“We are the only masters of our fate!”
“Do we desire safety? or unfree? We have an option.”
“Better times there were, and will be again.”
“Dance with what brought you: in this case, blades.”
“I didn’t mean to take the lead. They fought after me while I struggled.”
“An ocean separates us… for good reason.”
“Where they fell, freedom grew!”
“These blades were whetted on the bones of tyrants!”
“Act, and the whole world will move!”
“They’ll know me as the last to lay down her weapons.”
“They didn’t kill us all!”
“The voices of my brothers still carry on the wind.”
“I am both the tranquil sea and the tempest.”
“A mastered weapon needs no haft.”
“Stay ready, and there is no need to get ready.”
“Every form has a name that only the wind knows. O-ma at least stated as much.”
“Ionia is our only home!”
“Be the leader they need.”
“I don’t mean to be rude! I have a friendly and loving nature.”
“Freedom has a demanding rhythm.”
“I really ought to have warmed up first. Okay, well.”
“They arrived seeking our magic. Their lives will be forfeited.”
“Have no harm… Unless they attempt to take your house.
“Nobody is capable of what I do. So I’ll carry it out.”
“A warship can be sunk by a single rock. a thousand pebbles, too… (laughs)”
“Peace must sometimes be bought with blood.”
“There’s a saying: ‘Never fight Ionians on their home soil.'”
“Even if they kill me, they’ll still have to fight the land.”
“Peace requires two participants.”
“My O-ma always said I had angry feet.”
“Yes, I can fight, of course. I had four siblings growing up.”
“I’ve never killed a person… just a lot of Noxians.”
“Give them an inch, they’ll take a kingdom.”
“I once served the light, until it cast me out.”
“The blades demand an offering.”
“I committed myself to the shadows. It has remitted the debt.”
“Like a knife in the dark.”
“I’m doomed to carry these blades… forever.”
“Who will feed the night’s spirit?”
“The remaining plane? I don’t need it, eh.”
“Bring them down from the inside.”
“If the mission goes to hell, there’s always the blades.”
“If they find me, they’ll regret it.”
“Hurt and subvert – that’s how I do it.”
“Stay under their radar, and if that doesn’t work, cut their heads off.”
“The ice kept me alive. It takes it now.”
“The weather? It didn’t worry me, eh.”
“This ice never melts… just like our will.”
“Sharp and cold – hurts two ways.”
“I’ve traversed ice plains and fished ice rivers. The ice recognizes me.”
“Hope they brought armor… and a sweater.”
“Peace does not last forever. It needs to be sown continuously.”
“The seeds of our order carry on the wind.”
“These petals cut deep.”
“Beauty can grow from the murkiest water.”
“Where they fell, the lotus grew.”
“They see only the flower, but these roots run deep.”
Taunt“Is the music not audible to you? I’ll have fun watching you stumble.”
“Raise a hand to us, and you’ll find it missing.”
“These are the rules. You live after leaving.”
“We are all spiritually created beings. Even so, I have to murder you.”
Joke(Irelia mimics playing the piano with her blades, with the last note practically falling flat.)
“No, no, no, wait, wait, wait, wait. (Cleans throat) 
“Clears throat: Wai-wai- oh wait.”
“Wait, wait, wait, wait.”(Angry grunt) Hold on.
Attack“Cut them down!”
“There is no retreat!”
“It’s all in the footwork!”
“We must prevail!”
“Mind your form!”
“Always attack at an angle!”
“No room for error!”
“On your toes!”
“Spirit guide me!”
“Stay composed.”
“This dance kills despots!”
“And… breathe.”
“Oho… you’ve got lead feet.”
“Never surrender!”
“We are sharpest where we break!”
“Push them back!”
“We stand or perish!”
“Our time is now!”
“Shall we?”
“The blades fly in sync!”
“Show them no weakness!”
Balance, darn it! Remove them!”
“The dance begins.”
“No appeasement!”
“Still mind, swift movement!”
“It’s us or them!”
“Care to dance?”
“Careful – I hit back!”
“Give them no foothold!”
“Eyes up!”
“We will resist!”
“Look, a dance partner!”
“Strike fast, and without misstep!”
“For the fallen!”
“Slice through them!”
“Leave this land!”
“Step with me!”
“Follow my lead!”
“You’ll rue this day!”
“Suffer as I do!”
“Let’s mutilate!”
“Who dares walk this land?”
“Clip their wings!”
“Time for a dogfight!”
“I said, tray tables up!”
“We have contact with target!”
“Time for some sabotage!”
“I’m spotted, engage!”
“True ice, true aim!”
“Freeze them out!”
“Behold – the avalanche of blades!”

Irelia Voice Lines Japanese

Irelia Voice Lines Korean

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