Heroes of Order & Chaos

Heroes of Order & Chaos best heroes 2024

Best heroes in Heroes of Order & Chaos for beginners 2024 are: Jombraa, Polyphemous, Ihaelryna, Kotun, Donovac, Archimtiros, Machry,… Very durable heroes that can easily absorb a great deal of damage from their enemy.

Top 1: Jombraa


Role: Tank – Top, Jungle

Jombraa is very durable and hard to take down with plenty of hard CC, besides his chasing potential supplements overall tankiness via HP increase that other guardians can’t quite achieve yet has a particular high learning curve to perfect combos and doesn’t achieve benefits from mana boosting items or provide enough damage to practise as an effective bruiser making him better paired with a team than soloing enemies.

Top 2: Polyphemous


Role:Tank / Supportive Tank – Top, Jungle, Bot

Polyphemous is a top Tier tank. His single target stun to ever go out of fashion for its usefulness early, mid and late game scenarios that ensures set up for any engage or kill despite the reduced stun time.

The CC he obtains synchronizes well with any team to lock up targets and offer hard CC which includes a powerful group stun for his ultimate requiring enemies to be within a short range of him.

Top 3: Ihaelryna


Role: AD Carry – Mid Lane

Ihaelryna is one of the most prevalent Carries used in most games of late due to her dps she can achieve and snowball potential.

A user friendly starting hero that has insane movement speed through her passive Rangers Focus and ultimate providing movement speed increase by 50%, and provides stealth to her making her extremely mobile for such to reposition and escape from almost any situation.

She also couples high scaling damage skill Arrow flurry and a stun Crystal Arrow than exceeds most guardians stun duration at level 4.

Top 4: Kotun


Role: Carry / Bruiser – Mid Lane, Top, Jungle

Kotun is granted from his passive a shield every time he receives damage that will activate every few seconds also adding higher durability than most other guardians that removes CC effects from Kotun.

An almost identical combo of leap in and grab that pulls those towards Kotun but deals high scaling skill damage is mainly applied to secure kills though can be adapted for various in game circumstances.

Besides being out farmed by another more mobile hero Kotun has hardly any drawbacks to his skill-set that can’t answer any threats to his rule.

Top 5: Donovac


Role: Tank, Bruiser – mid lane, top, jungle

Donovac can effectively support teams as a tank or carry due to high durability of his 2nd skill passive applying 20% damage reduction to any attacks dealt, blocks any form of skill damage or auto attacks if he is facing them, permitting him to continue attacking without regard to his foes.

Top 6: Archimtiros


Role: Anti Mage / Tanky Mage / Objective taking – Top, Jungle

Archimtiros dealing tons of magical damage the higher HP the opposing enemy team in accordance to his passive allowing early neutral monster soloing to capture dominance over objective buffs and global gold for his team.

Horse’s ability to gank is unparalleled by the fact that his ultimate covers such a large distance and makes him impervious to terrain and magical damage making it uncomplicated to surprise opponents by charging to their location and stunning them for follow up his AoE Silence CC to prevent casting skills for immediate escape usually capitalizing upon a kill.

Top 7: Machry


Role: Mage / Support – Mid lane, Bot

Machry performs well in lane and outside lane being.

Machry has very high base magical damage stats but relies mainly upon damage being dealt through skills, ability power, rather than auto attacks as well as gambling luck for the damage and stun time for his Glittering Surprise skill due to having no set figures.

Harbouring the ability to zone out opponents through his AoE ultimate and 2nd skill glittering surprise, ensuring objective withholdings, group stunning and generalised out farming opponents through his passive granting additional gold per neutral creature killed.

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