Erika Eversoul Build Guides: Team, Skill & Artifact

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Erika Build in Eversoul. I give you information about this character and assist you in selecting the ideal allies for Erika.


Erika Stats


Tier: A

Rarity: Epic

Type: Fairy

Class: Supporter

Gear type: INT

Erika Team Build

Good team build for Erika:

CharactersCombined with

Petra Velanna Catherine Jacqueline
Petra, Velanna, Catherine, Jacqueline

Chloe Claire Vivienne Catherine
Chloe, Claire, Vivienne, Catherine
Honglan Talia Vivienne
Honglan, Talia, Vivienne

Seeha Mica
Seeha, Mica 

Velanna Jacqueline
Velanna, Jacqueline

Mephistopeles Naiah
Mephistopeles, Naiah

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Position setup:

4 Characters1 Characters
2 Characters3 Characters
1 Characters4 Characters
3 Characters3 Characters

Erika Skill Guide

Name SkillType SkillEffect Skill
Eureka!SubMakes a potion from a spur of the moment thought. confers an 8-second, 14% ATK boost and a unique Eureka! buff that triggers the skill’s extra effect. gives an additional 30% chance to cause the Eureka!!! effect to occur.
Poisonous PotionSubTosses poison, poisoning the target and causing 110% of ATK worth of damage to the adversary that is farthest away. For ten seconds, the poisoned target takes damage equivalent to 55% of ATK.
Suddenly, the target’s ATK drops by 16% for ten seconds.
Suddenly, the target’s DEF is reduced by -16% for a duration of 10 seconds.
Giant PotionSubTosses an enormous healing potion to teammates in need. restores 180% of ATK’s HP to the ally with the lowest HP.
Oh my god! increases the physical and magical resistance of the target by 16% for ten seconds.
Ah hai!!! recovers 90% of the target’s ATK in HP as well.
Magnum OpusMainTosses an element of healing. restores 220% of ATK in HP to the ally with the lowest HP and any allies in the vicinity within 2.5 meters.
Oh my god! recovers 100% of ATK in increased HP.
Ah hai!!! Casts a barrier that, for 12 seconds, absorbs damage equivalent to 160% of Erika’s ATK.
Ars MagnaUltimateAt last, the philosopher’s stone was created. restores 280% of ATK to each ally’s HP.
Oh my god! Allies gain a three-second damage immunity.
Ah hai!!! gives the target a 10-second 22% boost in ATK.

Erika Artifact Guide

Name Effect Stats (Lv.40)
Elixir of LifeWhen using the “Eureka!” skill, her mana is additionally restored by 500 and her Speed is increased by 10% for 8 seconds. Also adds an effect to the “Magnum Opus” and “Giant Potion” skills which removes 2 debuff effect from the target.ATK: +20%
HP: +24%
Crit Rate: +6%
Crit DMG: +13%

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