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Epic Seven Bellona Build 2024: Skill, Equipment and Artifacts

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Bellona Build in Epic Seven.

Best Bellona build guides for Epic Seven 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Epic Seven builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Bellona build for the meta. Learn more about Bellona’s Skill, Equipment and Artifact.


Earth | Capricorn | Ranger

Bellona Ratings

Boss Hunt8.4
Guild Wars8.0

Bellona Pros and Cons

Strong AoE attacks.
AoE defense break on skill 3.
Skill synergy with using S3>S2>S1 then activate S3 again.
Skill one has scales with enemy health%, so its useful against high hp bosses.
If built with pure DPS and speed, she will be squishy.
She is countered by debuff immunity (can’t land defense break).

Bellona Build

Stat Priorities: Atk%, Speed, Effectiveness%, Crit Rate%, Crit Damage%.

Equipment (Gears)

Gears build for Bellona.


Exclusive Equipment

Citrine Treasure
Stat Improvement: Effectiveness (8%-16%)
Butterfly FanDispels one buff from all enemies.
Razorwind FanIncreases chance of decreasing Defense by 20%.
Razorwind FanDecreases Combat Readiness of all enemies by 15%.

Team build

Skill Enhancement

Order skill enhancement: S3 -> S1.

Skill List:

Windbreak FanActive
Attacks the enemy with a fan, dealing damage proportional to the enemy’s max Health. If the caster’s stacked Focus is more than 5, loses all Focus and activates Razorwind Fan.
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Butterfly FanActive
Attacks all enemies by waving a fan. Damage dealt increases with more enemies. Grants the caster immunity for 1 turn after attacking.
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Razorwind FanActive
Attacks all enemies by creating a powerful gust of wind, with a 65% chance to decrease Defense for 2 turns. Effect chance increases by 20% when Razorwind Fan is triggered by Windbreak Fan.
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Extra AttackBest in slot to get some more dual attacks to gain focus stacks for the nasty proc of her skill 3.
HealingHer high damage means Bloodstone heals a lot more than other rangers.
Extra Damage[LIMITED ARTIFACT] Since she has 2 AoE skills (one of which can be triggered by her S1), she’ll end up proc’ing this Artifact a lot.
Banshee ArtifactSurprisingly, Bellona is pretty good on Iron Fan against the Banshee, as it’s more damage against Ice Units (in a Hunt where all the enemies are Ice).


Total Materials:

  • Life Rune x45
  • Greater Life Rune x22
  • Epic Life Rune x18
  • Cursed Ashes x15
  • Dragon’s Wrath x10

Memory Imprint


Imprint ReleaseImprint Concentration
BHealth 3.6%Attack +6%
AHealth 5.4%Attack +9%
SHealth 7.2%Attack +12%
SSHealth 9.0%Attack +15%
SSSHealth 10.8%Attack +18%


AdviceBeliefBizarre StoryComfortingComplain
CriticismCute CheerDreamFood StoryGossip
Happy MemoryHeroic CheerHeroic TaleHorrorInteresting Story
Joyful MemoriesMythOccultReality CheckSad Memory
Self IndulgentUnique Comment

Bellona Gameplay

A decent AoE attacker that is good for newbies. Her skill 3 is an AoE defense break. Her skill 2 is an AoE attack that grants 1 turn immunity. Her basic attack has percent health damage, which is good against bosses.

Her skill rotation is S3>S2>S1 + free S3. She can also activate a free S3 if she gets a dual attack on her S1 as well. This means Rosa Hargana is a great item for her.

She excels in all content, both PvE and PvP. Can shred bosses and regular monsters. The only downside is her lower base attack but that would be nit picking, considering the utility and damage she brings to the team.

Bellona Introduce

Daughter of a noble Ezeran family, Bellona ran away from home, refusing to be forced into an arranged marriage. After joining the Phantom CIC she appears to be much more satisfied with her new life, where she can fight as many strong enemies as she likes and hone her skills.

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