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Diablo Immortal Tier List 2024

Hey, I’m Zathong and i will update the Diablo Immortal Tier List for 2024 ranks every Classes in Diablo Immortal from the least viable to the best in ranked games.

Diablo Immortal Classes Tier List

SDemon Hunter, Necromancer.
ABarbarian, Wizard, Crusader.
B Monk.


Demon Hunter:

Though it has particular and unusual ability to set up traps, the Demon Hunter is essentially the Necromancer’s physical equivalent. Demon Hunters employ strong Explosive Arrows that deal large damage to a single victim and subsequently deal lesser damage to all nearby adversaries.

  • Traps Add Variety to Fights.
  • Strong Primary Skills.
  • Amazing Damage.


Necromancers are able to employ a variety of buffs and debuffs as well as summon pets. Given how simple it is to learn, this session is ideal for beginning players as well. His attacks, like Soulfire and Bone Spear, offer a strong damage output regardless of whether they are targeted or AoE. He has the ability to call out monsters that can tank for you, such as golems, ghosts, and skeletons.

  • Easy to Use.
  • Pets Can Tank Damage.
  • High AoE Damage.
  • Strong Solo Play Potential



When it comes to difficult conflicts when AoE skills are crucial, wizards are an excellent option for players. With the Electrocute skill, which strikes one victim and spreads to surrounding ones, this class can also chain damage.

  • Amazing Mobility Skill.
  • Low Durability.
  • Strong Crowd Control.
  • Great & Strong AoE Damage.


Crusader, a DPS tank, is the most physically strong class in the game. Similar to the Necromancer, this class’s AoE and targeted attacks, including Sacred Fire and Punish, are excellent.

  • Strong AoE Attacks.
  • Team Buffs.
  • Strong Crowd Control.
  • High Durability.


Compared to Crusader, Barbarian is a pure DPS class with stronger fighting and mobility skills but fewer tanky abilities.

  • Amazing Mobility.
  • Strong AoE Attacks.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Durable in Early-Game.



The monk’s defenses are not very strong, and he produces little damage while having many helpful support skills and short cooldowns.

  • Provides Buffs & Shields.
  • Moderate firepower.
  • Short Skill Cooldowns.
  • High Mobility.

Best Solo, Dungeon, and Raid Classes

Classes in Diablo Immortal each have distinct advantages and disadvantages that are important to both solo and group content.

Demon HunterSSS

Best Classes Overall in Diablo Immortal

The current rulers of Diablo Immortal are the Demon Hunter and Necromancer because of their incredibly high firepower and edge over other classes in range. Their lack of longevity offsets this, although not to the extent that other classes can pass them at the top of the current meta.

Best Starter Classes in Diablo Immortal

Because the Barbarian class is so simple to learn, it’s a great choice for beginners. It’s the ideal class to learn the ropes because of its strong firepower, high mobility, and durability—especially for those who are new to the Diablo genre.

Best PVP in Diablo Immortal

Necromancer: Necromancers are great support classes in PvP because they can impede your opponent’s movement with Bone Walls and Bone Spikes. The Necromancer’s limited mobility is its lone flaw.

Crusader: His Condemn ability, which burns all opponents once and then repeats the AoE (although with reduced damage) to eliminate anyone who survived, may be incredibly useful in PvP. Crusader’s cooldowns could be a little bit shorter, but since he has enough armor to keep you safe while you wait, you shouldn’t worry too much about that.

Barbarian: He has an attack called Hammer of the Ancients that you can use in PvP to scare away all of your opponents while causing enormous blows. Sadly, he also has poor defensive abilities and occasionally has very long cooldowns.

Best PVE in Diablo Immortal

Barbarian is a pleasure to play with a typical Sprint/Whirlwind build, has damage that is through the sky in most situations, is surprisingly bulky with little effort, and has lots of ways to get into and out of danger.

Once you’re fully charged and ready to go, the Demon Hunter is one of the greatest DPS classes in Diablo Immortal, although it does take some time to come up to speed.

Since the monk is a physical support character, solo PvE isn’t a suitable fit for him. The monk’s defenses are not very strong and he doesn’t deal a lot of damage, while having a lot of helpful support skills and short cooldowns.

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